1. pewpew300WM

    Accessories FS/FT PRICE DROP... HS Precision Stock, MPA BA, AI MAGS, 20MOA RAIL

    Hs precision stock take off with sendero barrel contour a matthews fab kydex cheek riser with a ptg stealth dbm m5 kit. I also have one 5rd AI mag and one 10rd AI mag for 300WM. Then I have a used weaver 20moa rail (rem700 LA) and a used mpa ba 1.06" (34mm tube and 0MOA) mount. I switched to an...
  2. S

    Gunsmithing Rem 700 VSSF-P crown damage

    I purchased a used 700 VSSF-P chambered in 22-250 about 4 years ago. It was already equipped with a timney trigger when I got it. I have read over and over again about how well this gun should shoot. The best I can get from it is 3/4 moa from factory loads. It could all still be me at this time...
  3. J

    Firearms WTS: Remington 700 Sendero 300wm blued-fluted bbl (1st gen.)

    I have an excellent condition first generation Remington 700 Sendero 300 win mag w/ a fluted barrel. C prefix action with a Barrel date code AO (March 1994). I bought it for my collection and shot about 60 rounds through it. It was unfired when I bought it. It was well taken care of and has...
  4. C

    Firearms Removed

    Remington Model 700 Sendero SF II 26" barrel with ~100 rounds 20 MOA Picatinny rail Trigger Tech Rem 700 primary trigger Henderson Precision ARCA rail Includes sling (pictured) $895 shipped & insured CONUS Paypal F&F or +3% to buyer / USPS MO
  5. S

    Remington Sendero 300WM What should I expect?

    I am getting started with long range shooting and the Remington Sendero is where I am starting out. I know that no two are alike but in general, What should I expect as far as accuracy with a good reload? Jeff
  6. G

    rem 700 sendero 300 win mag

    what is this worth if anyone can help me out i would appreciate it. its got the jeweled bolt 26 inch stainless barrel and the hs stock. its also got a leupold vari x III 3.5 x10 on it. its an amazing shooter but i need some new glass so its got to go. heres a pic of it
  7. A

    Difference between HS sendero stock and PSS stock?

    Just wondering what the difference, if any, is between the REM HS Sendero stock and a HS PSS stock aside from the spiderweb finish on the sendero? Thanks, Alan
  8. padronanniversary

    Gunsmithing #7 vs sendero varmiter question

    My understanding is that the varmiter contour is a tad bit bigger in diameter at the base at 1.235 vs the #7 which is 1.20. Is this correct in that I can simply sand away a little to make a varmiter barrel profile fit a #7 ? Thanks in advance for any help
  9. X

    Rifle Scopes Mounting an Elite 6500 to a Sendero

    I have a Bushnell Elite 6500 2.5-16x42 scope that I'll be mounting to a Rem 700 Sendero Rifle. I'm thinking of using a Burris 2-piece tactical base 410600 (or a Warne Maxima 2 pc base, they appear to be the same), along with Warne Medium Tactical Rings 614M. I'm trying to get the scope to...
  10. T

    Remington Sendero Rifles

    Can someone tell me how many variations of the Sendero that Remington made? I have seen some with just Sendero on the barrel and I think some with Sendero II and last night a friend showed me a 7mmRM that had Sendero Special on the barrel. It was a no j-lock and looked to be a little older...
  11. 8

    Hunting & Fishing AR10 Sendero Hunting Rifle - Comments

    The original build was by GAP, Rock barrel and BO forearm. I bought it from a member here. The rifle shot so well that I decided to save the upper (for what I don't know) and build another upper just to hunt with in South TX. This is my primary rig for Whitetails and Coyote pushing the 155...