1. C

    Plastic Hard Case Roundup for Shipping/Air Travel, manufacturers, opinions, experiences?

    With two of the familiars merged (Hardigg/Pelican) curious about what other offerings are out there and what experiences people have had. Any others? Any standout offerings for a specific size range or category? Also, locks? Saw where SKB offers TSA compliant locking latch upgrade, any other...
  2. LSUbeatUby40

    Gunsmithing Anyone know the legalities on shipping parts.?

    specifically a 6 position Collapsible stock to France?
  3. darkarcher

    Pmags for 7.62's are shipping

    Just got shipping notification for this from Brownells: MAG243-PMAG 20 LR 20 RND 7.62X51-FOL Wish I would have ordered more......
  4. ejd049

    Gunsmithing Shipping Question

    I am about to ship off a rifle to get some work done and had some questions? Do I need to go through a FFL? Is UPS the best way to go? What is the process? Thanks
  5. V

    Rifle Scopes Any good NF dealers shipping internationally?

    I want to buy NXS 2.5-10 for my .308 It's ~ $1,250 in the States. I am in NZ and the local price is more like $1,800 + you have to wait heck knows how long coz they never have anything in stock. It looks like NF doesn't like dealers selling outside their area any more, which sucks. I bought my...
  6. G

    Law on shipping primers

    What's the law when it comes to shipping primers to another individual. I have a buddy that lives out of state they currently has primers in-stock where he lives. Would he be able to legally ship them to me?
  7. Smokin

    How do you package your rifles for shipping?

    Do you just zip tie your storm/pelican cases shut? Do you throw locks on them and ship the keys separate? Do you overbox the cases?
  8. F

    Shipping a rifle

    i didnt really know were to put this thread but whatever. so i live in alabama and my family owns a ranch in texas and i go out there to go hunting sometimes, most of the time i drive but certain occasions i fly and correct me if im wrong but i think it would be a pretty big hassle to let tsa...
  9. C

    Suppressors firearms shipping question

    wasn't sure where to post this question? what is the law concerning shipping a pistol? does it have to go ffl to ffl, or can it be shipped by an individual to ffl?
  10. S

    New rifle shipping by GAP?

    I've had my GAP build on order for only two weeks but I'm trying to get all of my ducks in a row for the day when the magic phone call comes. I do not wish to bother GAP with this or tie up their phone lines. How does GAP ship their new builds out? Do you buy a hardcase from them? Do you send...