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  1. G

    Reloading Equipment .338 Projectiles Hornady Sierra Berger 285gr 300gr DFW, TX will ship.

    I have two sealed boxes and one partial box of .338 projectiles but nothing that can send them down range. - (Sealed) Hornady 285gr ELD Match 50ct. - (Sealed) Sierra Matchking 300gr HPBT 50ct. - (Partial) Berger Elite Hunter 300gr 25ct remaining. I also have 158pcs of clean 1x and 2x fired...
  2. LongRange98

    Mk 248 Mod 0 help!

    Hello folks. I found a good deal of this Mk 248 Mod 0 190 grain smk for my .300 win mag custom bergara. However after doing some research it’s not clear to me if it’s safe to fire or not. I know Mod 1 is not recommended but not much info on the Mod 0. Can anyone help me out? Thanks!
  3. D

    FGMM 175’s too long?

    I recently picked up a .308 DMR from APF which I am very excited about. It’s a 1:10 twist and I e heard nothing but good things about FGMM 175 SMK’s as far as factory ammo goes, so I picked up a few boxes. At the range today I had a few failure to fire. I inspected the rounds that didn’t fire...
  4. S

    16 Inch Barrel, 69 SMK questions.

    Firstly, this is my first post. I've been a member of the Hide several years now, and thank you, all of you who post here and share what you've learned. Today, I bought my first press. A Rock Chucker kit with everything I need to get started (sans the bench to mount it to). I'm going to be...
  5. T

    168gr vs 175gr .308 POI crossover

    Well I looked all over the net for this but couldn't find it so I decided to be the first! So, I've only attempted at 100yds so far... But the poi of both loads is the same at that range. I have the drop chart taped to my stock (of each load, FGMM 168 and 175) out to 900 yds. At 900, the poi...
  6. Dsparil

    175 SMK

    who has them in stock?
  7. cj1026

    69gr HPBT SMK & RL15

    Guys I have been experimenting with some 69gr rounds and RL15. I'm shooting a 16", 1-7 twist, 5.56 chamber, free float AR. I've loaded 23, 23.5, 24, and 24.5g into Federal brass, sized and trimmed with CCI 400 primers. 24 grains got me 2552 fps with about 1" groups. 24.5 got me 2629 fps with...
  8. Captain Moroni

    does anyone have 175 gr SMK's in stock?

    I need some bad if anybody knows of any to be had please let me know
  9. L

    Who is loading the 155gr Palma SMK....

    what powder do you like, and what velocities are ya getting, I threw some loads together.. i'm launching this thing from a gps defense rem700 18". Since i have a ton h335. i'm gonna try that. I hear r15 and TAC work well too? just want to see what ya'll are getting?!
  10. zfk55

    Hexagonal Boron Nitride and the SMK 175

    We're about to begin a process on Sierra M/K 175 projectiles, and we're going to use Hexagonal Boron Nitride. After a number of correspondences with the maker of the rifle, he's agreed that HBN is superior to Moly in that HBN doesn't have the eventual adverse effects on the bore inherent in...
  11. J

    Copycat Load 223 Black Hills 77gr smk, any data??

    was wondering who knows the load for the factory black hills 77gr 223 round. Like to know powder and how many grains, and primer. Any pet loads would be great to know for the 77gr smk. thanks ya'll
  12. J

    175 SMK load question

    Can someone please tell me what Sierra's max load is for a 175smk over H4895? Neither of my books have data for 175s; only 168s. I've got a Sierra reloading manual on the way, but I'd like to start loading this morning. Thanks in advance. Joe
  13. ranger1183

    220 gr SMK's vs 210 gr SMK's

    I've used both the <span style="font-weight: bold"><span style="font-style: italic">basic</span></span> and <span style="font-style: italic"><span style="font-weight: bold">advanced</span></span> Sniper's Hide search engine <span style="font-weight: bold">plus</span> the <span...
  14. P

    155gr SMK Palma bullets

    I managed to go shoot a little today. I was checking a load using some 180gr Nosler BT bullets. I had some loads left over from when I first started loading for this .308. One of the loads used a 155gr SMK Palma bullet- I have had those bullets for a long time. They had the tightest group of...
  15. A

    .375 CT + SMK 350 grs load infos

    Hello, Just seach some load infos for .375 CT ( Jamison "2 stars" brass ) + SMK 350 grs with VV powders. What velocity can I expect with a 32" barrel ? What is the advertised BC of these bullets ? Thanks.
  16. H

    Bullet OAL on SMK 77gr .223

    Does anyone have a 77 gr .223 SMK that they can measure the BULLET dimension for me please? Google and a site search aren't netting me anything. I bought a bunch of Amax's only to find they won't fit in my magazine. Thanks.
  17. T

    7 WSM with 175 SMK

    Anybody shooting 175 SMK out of their 7 WSM? What powder and how much? Do you like it better then a 180 Berger?
  18. BECKS7

    190 grain SMK's

    So I ended up with two boxes of these (200) and am not sure how to go about loading them for my 308. I have a Remington 5R. Any or you guys ever loaded 190's for a 308 befor? I have a keg of IMR 4064 and am hoping you guys have a load that will work with these. Pics would be good. Thanks
  19. 8

    95 SMK's with RL 22 for the .243?...

    I've finished prepping my first small batch of 1x Win Brass for my Rem 700 SPS Varmit and am eager to get some loads together. This is my first shot at precision shooting with my meager budget and the only powder I have that might work well for this application (according to the Lyman reloading...
  20. B

    7mm mag 175gr SMK- how much jump

    Starting to work on some loads for a 7mm Win Mag using 175gr SMK and was looking for a good place to start on how far off the lands to load. The rifle: Robar SR90 24" 1-9" twist McM A3 Looked in the reloading depot and could not find many loads for 175 smk that gave distance off lands. Thanks...