1. A

    Photos We Like Shooting, our first trip to Thunder Valley

    Thunder Valley Precision - YouTube The place is amazing, will return armed!
  2. LoneWolfUSMC

    Snipers Hide Dot Target variation?

    I know I saw it on here somewhere, but can't find it. Does anyone have a link to the SH Dot Drill target that is the small black dots surrounded by a larger black circle? (NOT THE GROUP TARGET) I could make one fairly easily, but why reinvent the wheel? Thanks
  3. wordisbawn2008

    Photos gap armalite ar-10 Snipers Hide edition

    I bought this thing from JasonK a couple months ago, threw on a magpul prs, harris bi pod, and falcon 4-14 ffp scope...finally some time in yesterday and she is surgical!
  4. jaket13

    Fieldcraft snipers and math?

    hey guys, this is my first post. I'm 17 and I plan on joining the Marines pretty soon, so when my math teacher told my class we needed to write a paper about a career that uses math, I immediately thought "sniper." I've done some research online and I couldn't come up with much. I even asked...
  5. rogers0311

    Fieldcraft Marine Scout Snipers

    Guys, I see alot of bad word being passed on here, mainly by kids who heard from other kids what being a Marine Sniper is all about. I have a little extra time on my hands so let me clear some things up, and if you guys have any questions feel free to post it on this thread. First of all...
  6. B

    Larue Stealth snipers- any good?

    Hello all, I am about to pull the trigger on a Larue stealth upper, but I thought I would check here first. Is the 1200 for the upper alone worth it? I dont mind spending the money for a top-notch quality item, I just dont want to hear about how XYZ or whatever brand shoots the same groups, is...
  7. D

    Fieldcraft navy snipers kill somali pirates

    web news articles said that navy snipers killed 3 somali pirates. Anybody know any more details, range, caliber any range with any caliber, shooting a pirate in a rubber boat on the open ocean is pretty frickin awesome
  8. WiNdTeCh

    Picture of Custom AR-15 - New to Snipers Hide

    Burris 8-32x50 Mil-Dot DPMS 20" Stainless Heavy Barrel 1-9" Twist DPMS Forged Aluminum Extended Hi-Rise Upper Receiver DoubleStar Forged Aluminum Lower Reciever Les Baer Hardchrome N/M Bolt Carrier J.P. Adjustable Trigger J.P. Free Float Forend J.P. Adjustable Gas Block J.P. Rear Tensioning Take...
  9. D

    Fieldcraft Questions about USMC and Scout Snipers

    Hello everyone I am new to the forums and wanted to see if anyone could answer my questions. I am currently running a 5:56 mile, I haven't tried to run a timed three miles yet though. I can do about eighty situps in two minutes and I can do four pullups, hands facing towards me. I am working on...
  10. SurgeonPredator

    Photos German snipers

    Some pictures of "Bundeswehr Scharfschützen" and their gear.
  11. C

    Rifle Scopes Thoughts on IOR Snipers Hide 3-18x42

    I'm thinking about getting one of these and I was wondering what y'all thought about the quality and tracking on this scope. Thanks for any information.
  12. RollingThunder51

    Photos French Snipers

    French Snipers , WWI
  13. St.Michael

    Fieldcraft Where do snipers carry their pistols ?

    Ok guys, here is the thing. I have "heard" that the secondary weapon to a sniper should be a pistol. So I am wondering, if they do carry a pistol, WHERE do you carry it? thigh rig? belt holster? on a vest? I haven't been able to find ANY info about this at all. I was going to get a thigh rig but...