1. rockybrashear

    reloading software?

    is there any reloading software out there i can use to work up loads. something that goes off of burn rates barrel lengths and bullet weight. im looking to optimise loads for my 300 win mag but im having a problem coming up with base loads to test from. i thought some software might help
  2. V

    Range Report TDS Recon and what software???

    I am thinking of buying a Recon and putting the Horus software on it. Has anyone used this or is there a better software package for the Recon? I have used the older Horus with a palm pda but I keep breaking or somehow killing the palms. Looking for good advise on something you have personally...
  3. Jon Lester

    Range Report Minitab software for load dev.

    Any one ever use Minitab stastical software and there DOE package for load developement. Seems that you could dun a Doe and get to the sweet spot much quicker. Also has packages for several X factors and results would not have to be linear.
  4. MacMan

    Advanced Marksmanship Nightforce(Exbal)PocketPC Software Help.

    When entering the altitude data on Exbal based software should I use the actual altitude or the altitude density reading that I get using my 4500nv? Thanks!
  5. E


    What handheld GPS should i be looking at that can doube as a bollistics computer? Anything available for around $1,000???? any info appreciated
  6. I

    Hardware or Software

    I went to the range yesterday with my newly purchased 700 Tactical and was unimpressed with my groups(around 1 MOA at 100 yards), so I did a little dry firing to make sure I wasn't flinching, making a smooth pull, etc. What I found is that when the hammer dropped, my reticule jumped about .5...
  7. C

    Ballistics software

    What is the recommendation for a ballistics software for say, a palm pilot or such. Getting tired of toting notes around. Would like a system which you guys have found to be fairly easy and accurate. Hopefully not to expensive either. Seen software that went into a casio pilot and others. Are...
  8. rickp

    Range Report Blackberry Ballistic Software????

    Hey guys, Does anyone know of any ballistic program that will run on a Blackberry Storm? I know there's a program and a timer for the Iphone or the IPod touch but cant find anything for the Blackberry. Thansk in advance. R.
  9. F

    Need help with glass and software.... new .408

    OK, those of you who know my past purchases --- I have a couple GAP and Patriot Arms guns. all tricked out and topped with the lovely Swarovski 5x25 PM IIs I have just ordered an EDM Arms Windrunner in .408. I am thinking of moving a PMII over to that gun (ang getting something less for one...
  10. lucky308

    "Shooter Ready" software for training

    I didnt quite know where to put this but I wanted to share this with the 'hide. A while ago I came across this website, . There's a demo on the the bottom of the main page, click, "view the demo". You owe it to yourself to at least try it out. It seems to be extremely...
  11. Lindy

    Advanced Marksmanship Field Firing Solutions Ballistic Software

    I've been using Blaine Fields' PDA program, Field Firing Solutions, for several months. If you're not familiar with the program, check out the manual for the program, which is here: My wife and I were up in Colorado for much...