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  1. ChrispyCreamer

    SOLD MDT Shooters Global training shot timer

    Used MDT Shooters Global training shot timer $220 obo
  2. N

    Training for PRS competitions with shot timer

    Hi, I have attended a few PRS matchs and will want to get a bit more serious, been thinking of getting a shot timer to get used to the times but am not shure. What do you guys think, is there something to gain using a physical shot timer or is it fine with just an app? Also, is it even...
  3. 124C41

    Ballistic Game

    I remember a game that was aimed at teaching ballistics. From about 10 years ago. It told you wind and distance and you turned the "virtual" turrets and took the shot. It may have been an in browser flash game. Anyone remember what game that was and where to find it?
  4. Oryx_Official

    Shooting Safely on Public Lands

    Since I've never seen many resources for public land shooting I thought it might be a decent idea to write about how ranges are templated. It's something I learned in the military but can also apply to public land use for long range shooting, matches (which I know some guys that do this) or even...
  5. Near miss

    Different qualifications

    Hello, I thought of asking over here what kind of firearms qualifications you have ran into? I noticed doing qualification training drills makes good progress. I would really like to learn new qualification drills to add some variance into my training. Please post any qualifications or drills...
  6. velayo_0317

    Training Courses Modern Day Sniper - PR101 - Cody, WY - May 8-11, 2021

    We've got availability in our PR101 also known as our Introduction to Precision Rifle Course in Cody, WY taught by yours truly! We managed to secure a really nice venue to shoot training days 3 and 4 on! This is a once and a lifetime shooting venue that is not generally open to the public...
  7. velayo_0317

    Modern Day Sniper Precision Rifle 101 - San Diego County, CA - March 15-18, 2021

    Modern Day Sniper will be down in San Diego County, California hosting their PR101 course! Dates: March 15-18, 2021 Location: Pala Shooting Range, Host: Jorge Ortiz @NoLegs24 Instructors: Phillip Velayo + Caylen Wojcik Price: $1300 (That includes range fees) Registration: PR101 - San Diego...
  8. Lowlight

    Kraft Data Driven Training: Try This

    Sniper's Hide and Chris Way of Kraft are partnering up to collect some data from Shooters. Chris is a very data-driven shooter, he is a competitive shooter and loves to analyze data. He Krafted a precision rifle course of fire designed to be shot at 100 yards and collect data from multiple...
  9. L

    Rifle Scopes wannabe 11B B4 looking for scope to practice for selection

    Hey guys, ive been on a journey to get ready for sniper tryouts to get my B4 designator (National Guard) and am looking to get a scope to practice with that will be as similar to what is used on the M110 SASS. it doesn't need to be exact but I want the adjustments and reticle to be as similar as...
  10. NGCSUGrad09

    Training Courses Team Match Clinic - Emphasis for Mammoth and Bushnell Sniper Challenge - Oct 3-4 - PIGG River

    Hello all, this is an announcement for a Team Match Clinic that my partner Greg Hamilton and myself (Sean Murphy) are offering. This particular weekend will be focused on Mammoth Sniper Challenge and Bushnell Elite Sniper Challenge preparations. It was our goal to offer this at least 3 months...
  11. B

    Training Courses Iowa Basic Precision Rifle Course by BP Precision at Sureshot Range in Mt. Auburn IA

    BP Precision Basic long range precision rifle course at Sureshot in Mt Auburn, Iowa. This course is an entry level course where shooters will take themselves and their rifles to the next level. In this one-day course we will go over the fundamentals, rifle setup, how to setup and verify...
  12. Lowlight

    Mechanics of the Support Hand

    Another Article posted on the Home Page, https://www.snipershide.com/mechanics-of-the-support-hand-and-rear-bag/ What does the support hand actually do during the firing sequence? It’s very hard to see and understand the role of the support hand when it comes to shooting your precision rifle...
  13. Near miss

    Opinions on Mantis-X?

    Has anybody here opinions on Mantis-X. Based on the search I did it has not been discussed about except mentioned few times. Please answer any way you like, but these are some questions I am seeking answer to: Does it work reliably, are you training with pistol or rifle? Can you see it in use...
  14. Lowlight

    Training Courses Mile High Training Detach March 23rd, 24th, & 25th Class

    Two slots opened up for March, the class was initially full. So if you want to attend our joint SH / MHSA training here in Colorado, hit the website and join us. Mile High Training Detachment 3 Day Precision Rifle Class Objective: Give Shooters the tools to effectively engage in targets...
  15. GhostFirearmsTraining

    Training Courses Long Range Precision Rifle Classes 1000+ yard beginner course

    www.GhostFirearmsTraining.com 2 Day beginner course, students will engage targets out beyond 1000 yards, multiple skills drills, 1-4 student to instructor ratio, top shooter award, night shoot, free lodging at the clubhouse, BBQ on the firing line, and more. Detailed info on the website and tons...
  16. B

    Training Courses Precision Rifle Class in San Francisco Bay Area (California) Sunday 10/26/14

    We are offering a precision rifle class in the San Francisco Bay Area. Students will be able to engage targets from 350 to around 1150 yards. We have humanoid steel targets and steel poppers. Details on the class can be found here...
  17. S

    Land Navigation and Survival Classes from Special Forces Instructor!

    Charlie Mike Solutions, LLC is a Special Forces Veteran Owned and Operated Small Business. We are offering a Basic Land Navigation in Louisa, KY (near Huntington, WV) October 24th-26th. It will take you from "This is a map" to navigating in the woods with NO GPS in a three day course. With...
  18. Lowlight

    Training Courses T3 & Sniper's Hide 4 Day Precision Rifle Class Aug 14th - 17th

    T3 Training & Sniper's Hide are hosting another 4 Day Precision Rifle class in Colorado This course starts at the Trigger Time Gun Club with a 4 hour block of instruction and then moves to the Trigger Time Ranch in Weldona, CO. Details can be found at the T3 Firearms Training - T3 Firearms...
  19. T

    Fieldcraft Field Forecasting Hosted by Triple Aught Design / San Francisco / July 2014

    Meteorologist Jim Woodmencey, owner and operator of Mountain Weather in Jackson Hole is coming to San Francisco to teach a Field Forecasting course. This is a great opportunity to learn some unique survival forecasting skills from an expert meteorologist that can help you make split second...
  20. Max Ordinate Academy

    Training Courses Pistol Training Saugus CA 3 dates Aug and Sep

    Pistol Fighter Evolution Overview: Designed to integrate fundamental Cover Based Shooting (CBS) within the following disciplines: operational space employment, fundamental individual movement skills. This course will introduce Pistol Fighter Mindset. Topics Covered: • Cover Based...