1. ADAMS512

    Reloading Equipment WTT 4k LRP CCI 200 Primers for Varget or Shooters World Precision

    Like the title says. Central TX (Austin)
  2. ADAMS512

    Reloading Equipment WTT H4350 for Varget or SW Precision

    I have (2) 8 lb kegs of H4350 two different lots (SEALED). Wanting to trade for Varget or Shooters World Precision. Do not want to sell at this time. Located In Austin TX
  3. S

    Favorite 168 ELDM + H4895 / Varget loads for 308 Win

    I just got some 168 ELDM's and am hoping for some tips for what is working for others with this bullet. I've seen a number of posts that say H4895 works great but few specifics outside of a 44gr recommendation which is a bit higher than I want to go. I'm going to do a ladder regardless but am...
  4. L

    SOLD Varget, H4895, RL26 & RL16

    Varget 8lb - $450 H4895 8lb - $450 RL16 8lb - $400 RL26 8lb - $425 I’m located in Oklahoma City. I’ll be traveling to Dallas tomorrow and will be there until Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, I cannot ship this powder, so it will need to be a face-to-face transaction. Cash only. No trades.
  5. wpeach1912

    Reloading Equipment WTT/WTS Varget, Hornady .308 bullets, and Hornady .332 Bushing

    Some reloading components to sell or trade. I can't ship powder so we'd have to meet somewhere in Eastern Idaho. I also travel around Idaho and Northern Utah a decent amount going to competitions. 2 pounds of Varget unopened: trades or sell $150 180 grain SSTs: Gone 195 grain ELDMs: $55 shipped...
  6. Jknox1030

    Reloading Equipment FT: Varget, Win SR Primers, .30 cal ELDs

    EDIT: ALL ITEMS TRADED For Trade Not interested in cash, it does me no good right now. Local only in SW Missouri/northern Arkansas, no shipping -Trade Pending- I have 8lbs of Varget powder that I would like to trade for the same in H4350. -Trade pending for this- I also have (500)...
  7. O

    Reloading Equipment SOLD: Unopened Varget near San Antonio (TX)

    I've got 15lbs of unopened (factory seal in place) Varget I don't need. Looking for a local sale, obviously, anywhere around the SAT area (to include Austin, we'll just meet halfway). I'll sell below what I paid for it (including Hazmat/Shipping), at $30 a lb.
  8. Hawkertactical

    Why do my groups open up over time?

    So I did load development for my 308 using Hornady 168gr HPBT and using Varget, 3 round groups touching. Ive been using this load for a 6 months now and I'm getting 2.5 to 3in groups at 100yrds. Is it tempature sensitivity (phx Az area)?
  9. Curahee19

    Reloading Equipment WTB H4350 and varget

    I can’t find these anywhere. If anyone’s selling or knows shops that have them in stock please reach out to me
  10. S

    Need Help--308 Brass Growth and Stuck Cases in Rem 700

    I've looked for clues all over the internet and in my reloading books, but so far I have come up short in trying to solve a problem I'm having with my 308 loads. I've been working on solving this off and on for a few months with no luck. I have loaded successfully for years in a bunch of...
  11. 1

    Blowing primers at MINIMUM load?

    Need a little help here. I have been reloading for over 10 years and have never had this happen before, so now i am stumped. Rifle: DPMS LR 308 24" barrel Brass: LC 11 Match prep (FL resize with Redding competition die, swage primer pocket, trim to 2.010", debur flash hole, chamfer case mouth...
  12. doctordoctor

    OCW Interpretation 175's and 155's with Varget

    I know that .5 grain increments is not ideal but it is what it is. I will post the results below. Let me know what you guys see and interpret. I will state my results below. 175 SMK's: COL 2.800" NEW Lapua Brass tested 42-45 grains. My interpretation: I see 2 nodes. Low being...
  13. rduckwor

    3RD Generation Shooting / VARGET 1 lbs 7/15/2013 1545CDT

    Get it while you can.,3663.html
  14. S

    Prometheus Powder thrower (Thoughts/Experience?/Where to buy?)

    I have been doing some research on powder throwers, and this has caught my eye for some time now. Question is tho for people who have it or have used it before, how hard is it setup, and where can you buy them now a days? Is it a phone call order or online order? Pics and your experience would...
  15. M

    Powder valley has Varget

    Just updated as I checked the site. See someone already posted.
  16. C

    Desperately seeking Varget.

    Does anybody know who has Varget in stock? Thanks
  17. Bugholes

    Varget @ Natchez 8/3/09

    8 pounders in stock as of 8PM EST
  18. bfoosh006

    8lb Varget and IMR 4895 in stock NOW!

    Varget... Wideners and...IMR 4895.... IMR 4895
  19. kombayotch

    Gunsmithing Varget residue won't come off FTE... wow!

    Not that the carbon really affects anything, but I am amazed at this. I went about 2000 rounds without cleaning the FTE. Was shooting mostly Varget. The front baffle has a thick layer of carbon on it that looks like lava rock. I have tried the following without success: -Soaking in Kroil...
  20. *Nine

    .223AI Varget vs RL15

    Now that my .223AI is put together, I'm looking to develop a good load for it. From what I've found Varget and RL15 are the two most popular choices. It seems I see more loads with the RL15 though. I think I remember seeing something somewhere once where people were talking about RL15 giving...