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  1. Lowlight

    My Solutions to setting up your Ballistic Computer

    We have had a ton of discussion regarding the various ballistic computers. And there are some basic elements they all need in order for them to work correctly. On top of that, we have a lot of systems that get updated and changed so people may or may not have continuous access to their...
  2. Howland

    Favorite powder/loads for .308 18" 1/10 auto?

    I'm hoping to draw on the experience of members who have walked the same path I'm going without repeating everyone else's mistakes. Lazy me. I haven't reloaded for a number of years but am getting back into it now that I have access to a longer range. I used to reload extensively but primarily...
  3. flounderv2

    Your opinions on load dev and group results

    Ok so heres the deal. I went out yesterday doing load development with my 24" Rem 5R using Varget and the 175 SMK. Anyway, here are the results of my best groups. All groups where 4 shot groups (yeah I know, not five but with as scarce as reloading components are, I tried conserving a bit but...
  4. swarrick

    load for 1-9 twist AR

    I need a starting point for loads for an AR-15. It has a 20inch barrel with a 1-9 twist. I will be using this for shots out to 600 and do not want to single load. Yes I have read the .223 reloading section.
  5. Jimmy2Times

    Load development: The good, the bad & the ugly.

    Ok so I just got done putting this rifle together and started doing a bit of load development. Ultimately, I will develop a 175 gr. load but at this time, in my area, all I can get my hands on are 168 SMK HPBTs. I also had to use Remington 9 1/2 primers as I am out of BR2s. Anyway, here are the...
  6. serpnt

    .308 load using IMR4895 and 168gr Amax?????

    I'm looking for a load using Fed brass Win WRL primers IMR 4895 Hornaday 168gr A-Max Its what i have on hand and need a decent load to use for an informal match this wknd... Rifle is 26" Bartline 1-10 5r I'vs searched the loads section but havent found any with this combo......
  7. Tip em over

    6 X 47 Lapua Load info

    Anybody running 115gr DTac's in their rifle? Looking for any input on powder/charge weights that's working. Thanks
  8. BgBmBoo


    Ok...I know it aint a tactical rifle...but I do know there are some BR guys who lurk around here...so here ya go. Well I have a 1000yrd match coming up this weekend so I have been at the range almost every day working on load development for the 6XC bench rifle. I found two loads (about a...
  9. rickp

    .308 Load recipe

    I was talking to a buddy of mine and he’s thinking about coming up with his own loads for his .308. Personally, I’m not there yet and I still prefer to buy BH 175. However, I’m curious should I decide to start loading my own, I would like some help with a point to start from. Does anyone...
  10. N

    .223 load data for 75 gr. HPBT using Reloader-15

    Would some of you share some load data from your loading manuals (other than Lee - I have that one) for a 75 gr. jacketed bullet (Horn. 75 gr HPBT) using Reloader-15 powder? The Hornady manual doesn't show and loads for that bullet using Re-15. Just wondering what else may be specified other...
  11. D

    foster case trimmer a load of ****

    ordered a foster case trimmer , the one that fits on a drill press , also ordered the hollow pointing tool, thought it would be a fast way to trim, any way did a couple of cases , but you can see the cut is not square , put a 308 in with a vmax loaded and chucked a needle in the drill to line...
  12. J

    155/ Tac load for auto loader ??

    I have on hand 8#'s of Tac and 600 Nosler 155's that I want to load up for my SOCOM M1-A. Looked through all 6 pages in the above 308 load data to no avail. I'm not looking for sub MOA, just wanting to use what I have on the shelf. Any help would be appreciated. Jim
  13. kcshooter

    260 rem load for a gap 260

    Does anyone have a good load for a 260 gap ar10.
  14. J

    Copycat Load 223 Black Hills 77gr smk, any data??

    was wondering who knows the load for the factory black hills 77gr 223 round. Like to know powder and how many grains, and primer. Any pet loads would be great to know for the 77gr smk. thanks ya'll
  15. Cheech

    help with a .224 load

    Hi folks,I was wondering if anyone is/has loading sierra .224 90 grn HPBT MK? Need some load data, powder, etc., including barrel twist and M.V. please. Any factual info would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Cheech
  16. ATLRoach

    44 Mag Load

    I picked up some Barnes XPB 225gr 44Mag bullets. I was wondering if anyone has any loads for them with W296/H110. All that is listed in the Barnes Manual #4 is AA#9 and Enforcer. These are as long as my 300 XTPs and will compress the hell out of mild charge.
  17. JC Steel

    Nosler load data help

    I tore my entire house apart looking for my nosler 6th edition reloading manual and cant find it anywhere. Anyway can some that has one please help me with some info. I want to know the it say for 30-06 with a 180 grain accubond. I will be using h4831 powder. Starting and max loads with velocity...
  18. J

    175 SMK load question

    Can someone please tell me what Sierra's max load is for a 175smk over H4895? Neither of my books have data for 175s; only 168s. I've got a Sierra reloading manual on the way, but I'd like to start loading this morning. Thanks in advance. Joe
  19. summersux

    Hunting & Fishing .30-06 moose load

    Hi, I need some help selecting a good load for a moose with a 30-06. My father (the man with the tag) has hunted with his rem. 760 for over 30 years and doesn't want to use anything else. With him being so use to this gun, he would struggle using any other gun in the heat of the moment. Right...
  20. H

    Newb ? - Is there a "system" to find THE LOAD.

    Please pardon the really basic questions. I am relatively new to reloading. I know the basic "how-to" stuff and now want to know more.... Starting with a new rifle... How do I find the magic load for a rifle? Do I start with one powder and try different bullet weights using the same...