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Hunting & Fishing Coyote hunting ammo - Sierra Prairie Enemy or ...?

lead ƒarmer

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Feb 19, 2010
Prosser, WA
So long story short, I hosted a PRS match on a neighbor's private land and owe him big. He won't accept cash or any sort of payback, I have already tried. So instead I am planning on buying him some ammo and dropping it off at his farm/shop. He can't refuse delivery if I ding dong ditch right? I know he does quite a bit of coyote hunting and enjoys it. I also know he typically uses an AR15 with 55gr bullets but don't know the details on the gun or ammo.

I was looking online and stumbled across this on sale at midway right now Sierra. I have used Sierra in my match rifles and know they make good bullets. But I'm not a varmint/predator hunter. I only do a little bit of big game hunting. So I'm asking you guys for reviews/experience on the Sierra BlitzKing for coyotes, or would you recommend something different? I don't have time to reload right now, so I'm looking for factory ammo. This is a gift, so I want it to be nice, but it doesn't have to be expensive for no reason either.
I mainly use a .223 with factory ADI ammo that uses the 55gr Sierra blitzking. Shot placement is key. They are explosive though.
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THIS stuff seems to get really good reviews also, plus its affordable too which is nice because the I can afford to buy him more. Thoughts?
A bit late here but the Hornady 53gr Superformance Varmint is the Go to ammo for the Luck Duck guys on " The Last Stand. The guys from Fox Pro use this too. I use it as well with a Black Hole Weaponry 18" barrel in 1/8 twist. Its very accurate. The 55gr Prairie Enemy is very accurate for me too but have not shot a coyote with it yet. I use it in the BHW barrel and a JP barrel in 1/8 as well. The PE is now $15.99 a box on Midway. They dropped the price this week from $17.50. I will be grabbing another 1000 of the PE. for sure.

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Nosler Varmint ballistic tips do the job nicely in 55gr, especially driven at 3400 with AR Comp.
Any polymer tip should work. Did I miss what caliber ?

Ahh I see ar15. Some don’t like super performance iirc.

I’d go with any good 55vmX is 53 load