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Maggie’s Funny & awesome pics, vids and memes thread (work safe, no nudity)

Something to be very careful of when trying to purchase a Christmas Present for your wife or girlfriend. I hear this thing is running rampant and they seem to be targeting (pardon the pun) members of Snipershide.
Picture request from your collections.

Anybody have a 40mm bofors round (brass, dummy, training, live, whatever) and a 40mm grenade (m79/m203 or mk19 ammo; brass case, training, dummy, live, whatever) and can take a picture of them side by side?

Reason why is to help explain one of the dumbest movie gun concepts I've ever heard of. Transformers 1. Developed special 'sabot' round to take out the Transformers. Shot out of an m203.

Tldr: 40mm bofors and 40mm grenade launcher round side by side in the same picture.
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Not to the same scale... but comparing the 30mm PGU and 20mm cannon and .50 BMG rounds to the 40mm grenade in the first picture and then to the 40mm Bofors in the second may help.


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Tldr: 40mm bofors and 40mm grenade launcher round side by side in the same picture.

I believe one of the the tallboys in the back may be a Bofors round. That shiny blue boy front center is def a 40mm chalk grenade. Sorry it doesn't show the casing.
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Had a guy do that with a load of asphalt at the bottom of a 2 mile, quite steep hill in the mtns once.

We used shovels old school mining sifters to find parts…

Will applaud him, his last act killed only him.
No one else killed or injured vs keeping it on the road in bad traffic.
Easily could have killed several people had he stayed on the interstate
That's called loading it suicide for a reason. Coils are not something to fuck with. See bare minimum securements all the dam time(I'm a driver) not only can it kill you but others around you