Hunting & Fishing More BIG Texas hogs killled with my 6.8


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May 12, 2008
Rockport, TX
Thought you guys might get a kick out my new hand held search device. I call her "HELGA." As usual, the 6.8 X 43 mm shooting Barnes 85 grain TSX's at 3100 FPS knocked both of these pigs down and no follow up shot was necessary. Time and time again, I get one shot knockdowns with the 6.8 using this load. It continues to amaze me.

Heat Emission Light Gathering Assimilator

The trigger of the HELGA module is fully functional, actuating the PEQ-2 alpha IR laser for target designation. The Torch IR illuminator is easily converted to pressure switch actuation, Mounts are included for tang positioning or pistol grip piggy-back. The D-740 provides visual recognition of deer's eyes, using the IR illuminator when you have thermal signatures but you aren't sure if they are deer or hogs. The TAM-14 Monocular is the lightest thermal device on the market. I can detect animals for about 600 yards with it.

Below are some of the first in the field tests, and the kills we made using her. My Client (who is my # 1 in seniority and repeat visits to the ranch) was given the privilege of the first ever hunt with the HELGA. He flew all the way from Kentucky to Texas and we stalked to within 100 yards of two huge hogs that weekend. The technology so amazed hm that he booked a hunt for October, and paid his fee in advance. He performed well, and shot my 6.8 SPC, using Barnes 85 grain TSX's, killing each hog with one shot.

HELGA comes in 3 colors:

1) Wild River deliverance camo (pictured)

2) EBR black

3) luscious lavender







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