1. W

    Trying to get barrel measurements for an older Ruger

    Hey y’all, I’ve got a question regarding an older Ruger M77 mkii, if I remember correctly the rifle is a 1995 model. Before anyone needs to tell me to ditch the old Ruger and buy something else, I know exactly what this rifle is, I’m not trying to to get 1/2” groups or anything, but there’s a...
  2. U

    .30-06 212gr ELDX- Pressure concern?

    I’m trying to help my brother ensure he is safe on pressure for his hunting loads he is developing. He is within a hair of the max load, and has very minimal of any pressure signs on the brass ( to my eyes at least). However in a conversation with) Hornady they feel his velocity increase over...
  3. W

    Trajectory Matching?

    Does anyone have a suggestion of how to go about creating an approximate trajectory match between two different projectiles, without a rather hideous amount of trial and error? I know it is possible (military tracers) and I also know it won't completely remove the need for physical...
  4. Slothgunner

    Best long range 30-06 bullet

    Just 30-06 loads I’m just getting into long range shooting and I was hoping for some help. I have a 24” barrel with a 1:10 twist. Just wanting to work up some good loads and was hoping to be pointed in the right direction. ie bullet grain and type, type of powder and primer. thanks in advance
  5. Slothgunner

    30-06 target/hunting rifle

    Hey there, brand new here. I’m looking for a new 30-06 barrel and action for target shooting and also to take hunting as well. I have never bought aftermarket barrels or actions. I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction as far as barrel length, twist rate and a decent action...
  6. Blueoval56

    Hathcock Model 70 Project

    I've always wanted to build a copy/ close replica of Carlos Hathcock's Model 70 and about a month ago this rifle sort of fell into my lap! As it stands right now it's definitely not a replica by any means but I couldn't pass it up and I figured it would be a great way to kick my but into gear...
  7. savageeaglenavy

    Savage 110 best barrel replacement shop/website

    I have a 110 long action 30-06 and instead of trying to get all fancy I just want to replace the barrel and stock to get the best I can with what I have. My thoughts are to keep it simple. Ideas are welcome of a different approach. I just wanted to see if anyone has experience with a place that...
  8. savageeaglenavy

    30-06 best ban for the buck

    After much consideration and thought into re barreling my savage 110 I have decided to use what I have and focus my money on my wife's new found love for the shooting sport. So in a nut shell for my future happiness and ability to get more of the cool stuff because she wants to also I am...