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    The Creedmoor Coolaid

    6.5x47 mag length, better seating depth , same or more speed
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    padom what size bolts did you use i've got the same setup
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    New target from Hang Fast

    does it swing back ? also how much for what is pictured
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    Who Still Loads on a Single Stage Press?

    single stage for years for rifle! looking to start reloading 45 acp
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    6.5x47 Lapua Berger 140gr Hybrid

    37.4 gr varget 2840 fps very consistent!!
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    patriot cases

    thanks for replying ! so hows the precut version?
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    ARC M10 Scope Rings

    some of the best rings i've used . easy install!
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    patriot cases

    just wondering if anyone uses patriot cases?? the pre-cut version .
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    6.5 Flatline 121g Loads

    hybrids it is . was hoping these shot well but no thanks!!