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    80,000 PSI capable actions for Sig Fury

    ...but you'd get to claim, "first"; that has to be worth something, right? Like $4k? :ROFLMAO:
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    Howa Mini Action ?

    I have a couple of Howa minis, and really like them a lot. One of them is still on the factory bottom "metal", while the other is set up with the stuff from DIP; it's nice stuff and works well. Their modified mag release really makes a difference, re: inadvertent mag drops. As for the mags...
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    Grease the bolt

    Jet Lube MP-50. Organo clay base with stupid high moly content. Intended for use in extremely high pressure, slow moving applications.
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    Howa mini action - which stock/chassis?

    I have one in a Boyd's Pro Varmint, with the DIP bottom metal. It's a pretty good match for the little mini action, IMO.
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    Boyd’s at-one Tikka T3X

    Have you thought about just... not being left handed? :p
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    Rifle blowing primers after Nitride

    Just gonna throw this out there... Small Rifle Magnum primers. The thicker cup resists piercing. Of course, the wisdom of this assumes that you're not getting other pressure signs... but try this at your own risk, obvs. I stumbled across this as a solution when I was piercing regular Small...
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    Ruger American.450 bushmaster

    I bought one of them, and had it reamed to 45 Raptor (basically 460 S&W magnum with a .308 bolt face). It's not *exactly* a 45 Raptor because the 450 Bushmaster case has a bit of taper to it, so my once fired (45 Raptor) brass come out a bit funky looking. Right above the web of the case, they...
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    20 Practical

    Just how much Lever we talkin'? I'm running Ramshot Tac in a 26" 8-twist .204 Ruger bolt gun, and seeing 4000-4100, but if you're seeing 39xx out of a 23.5" gas gun, that may be worth a look.
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    while cleaning my ruger m77 6mm the cleaning rod got stuck in the barrel from the bolt end any suggestions on getting it out

    Something that I've had some success with is making sure the rifle is secure, clamping a set of Vise Grips on the cleaning rod, then whacking the hell out of the Vise Grips with a hammer to get the rod moving/reversed. If push comes to shove on this, a trick that someone here on the Hide did...
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    Hawkins Precision Long Action Hunter DBM and Flush Magazine

    I am guessing that since the bottom metal is not compatible with other magazines, that the magazines aren't compatible with other bottom metals? I have a KRG Bravo with which I'd love to be able to run a short magnum flush mag...
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    AI AT to AX buttstock conversion

    Would this be what you're referring to? As for the AT to AX butt conversion, I had the AI low rail on my AT, and had to install the stock/high rail to get the cheek weld to work after the conversion. Rings are ARC mediums (I think).
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    Howa 1500 builds **post them**

    A local 'smith in Royse City, TX named Penty Wheeler did that one; might be able to find him on Facebook (I got to him via word of mouth). Also, LRI does them now.
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    338 Lapua Ackley Improved Loads.

    30" 9.4 twist barrel, 101 gr of US 869 gets me right at 3k FPS from a 300 Berger.