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    End of year Eberlestock promo!!!

    Hey guys, Hope all of you have been enjoying the holidays. Yesterday, we got the go-ahead from Eberlestock for an end of year blowout on the majority of their packs. While this doesn't include individual accessories, there are some really great deals on packs AND they are allowing us to throw...
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    New Softshell VEST on the Market...

    Guys, Just got a notification from Condor this morning that they're about to release a SOFT SHELL VEST in a few weeks! Many of you are big fans of their Summit Soft Shell Jacket, and it looks like you'll get the same performance & value out of the Condor Core Softshell Vest. While there are...
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    WeatherHawk meters?? Good/Bad?

    Guys, Last week, we got Authorized Dealer approval from WeatherHawk Weather Meters. While Kestrel has dominated the market when it comes to shooting related meters, there have been some positive reviews from guys running them. In particular, the review of the WeatherHawk WM-350 in the Reviews...
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    Rifle Scopes Can you recomend an inexpensive beginner's scope for an AR?

    Have you considered running a red dot? The Bushnll TRS 25 atop a UTG riser base will allow you to cowitness the optic with your iron sights. You should stay under $120 total, and you likely be faster on target with this setup.
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    Rifle Scopes how not to pack a S&B 5-25 for USPS shipping

    WOW Tom!!! Unfreakinbelievable... Hope the scope is fully functional. I would definitely be calling the seller.
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    Training Courses Ronin Strategies - Long Range Precision Rifle Course, Memphis TN, July 20-21st (SOLD OUT)

    These guys are A+++ Absolutely top notch instructors who run a professional, fun and SAFE class. If you're looking for a group who can improve the shooting prowess for any level of expertise, look no further than Ronin.
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    NEW Eberlestock Packs: H7 Dagger & H3 Sawed-Off

    Guys, Wanted to give you a heads up that Eberlestock has just expanded their line with two new offerings: the H7 Dagger & H3 Sawed-Off. Expected availability is within the next 2-4 weeks, and I'll update this thread once these are in stock. I don't have any time with either one (as far as a...
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    New edition to our lineup: JEC Customs!!!

    Just wanted to give the crew here on the 'Hide a quick notice that we are now offering JEC Customs gear. Many of you already know the Jason, the owner of JEC Customs, as he is well known among the shooting community for developing rock solid, practical gear to help you shoot better. In...
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    Eberlestock Gunslinger II, Feature Mods from Factory

    'Hiders, Just wanted to bring you guys up to speed on an email I received today from Eberlestock. It looks like they have made some updates to the design of the Gunslinger II pack, giving it a more stable platform with heavy loads. Instead of me going through these new features, I'll just...
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    Movie Theater Longmire

    I'm still a fan of the show, but it has definitely taken a "darker" turn this season so far. Last night's episode was downright depressing at the conclusion. Hope it will lighten up a bit...
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    Favorite .22 Revolver???

    I'm in the market for a .22 revolver. Want to use it for shooting with my 9 yr old son, and for walking in the woods (snakes, critters, etc). Finally, it needs to be known for reasonable accuracy with standard velocity ammo. Don't really want .22 Mag, want to stick with .22LR. My father had a...
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    Movie Theater Longmire

    Solid show, one of the few that both my wife & I enjoy. Beautiful scenery, gritty characters. Good stuff!
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    Bushnell Excursion FLP tactical vs Leupold Mark 4 Mil-dot

    To MY eyes, the MK4 is much better image-wise compared to the Excursion FLP. Is it 3x better, only you can decide. I definitely think you'll see a marked improvement from a resolution standpoint at distance, but what may be a no brainer decision for one shooter (to upgrade to the MK4) might be...
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    Bushnell Excursion FLP tactical vs Leupold Mark 4 Mil-dot

    The Excursion model you're referencing was discontinued by Bushnell nearly 2 years ago. If you're able to find one, it will be used. I'd call Bushnell before plunking down your hard earned money toward one to verify they'll honor warranty work if needed. Bushnell had planned on bringing out a...
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    Phoenix Tactical Pod SPIKES!!

    Hey crew, Just wanted to let ya'll know that has been accepted as a dealer for Phoenix Tactical products! We're very excited about the opportunity to work with Scott & his company. Many of you know about their tried & true, proven Pod Claws bipod footings, but Phoenix is...