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    Hodgdon H4831SC in Austin Texas, please help

    Thank you. I will contact them.
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    Hodgdon H4831SC in Austin Texas, please help

    Moderator, please move if I posted in the wrong forum. I am looking for some of the above powder in Austin. Willing to trade TAC or some Varget for it. I am working on Rem .260 load and could not find this powder at all. I am in the Austin, Texas area. Thank you very much for your help. Hugh
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    Powder selection help for .260 Remington 140 GN

    Thank you for the info. I did see some post regarding the H4831SC but my understanding, that even harder to come by. At this time, I probably pick whatever available to play around with and get more serious reload once the right powder becomes available.
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    Powder selection help for .260 Remington 140 GN

    Thank you for the input. I will probably get H4350 whenever they become available. I haven't seen them at reasonable price yet :-).
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    Powder selection help for .260 Remington 140 GN

    I need some help on select the right powder for my 260 Remington. I am going to use mostly 140 SMK or 140 Hornady and the distance is range from 600 out to about 1200 yards. I been searching for the right powder for reload. What I found is a lot of re-loader use either H4350, IMR-4350 and RL19...
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    Suppressors AAC Cyclone: Observations or Commentary

    Hmm, very interesting point here. I never thought about the gas leak that cause the optic dirty. Thank you for bring that up.
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    Suppressors Sending a postal money order or personal check ?

    Same here and it also give you a history just in case you need to go back to it. Beside, MO cost additional $$ as well.
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    Suppressors Looking for suggestions for 300 AAAC Blackout (Survey)

    I have a Cyclone-K on the my 10" 300 Blackout. Work great for both sub and super. it is a direct thread-on so you don't need the mount for it either.
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    DPMS AR15 repair kit at midway

    This kit still available as of this morning. Been out of stock for awhile. Just got notified from them.
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    Suppressors Texas!

    Re: Texas! Yeap' this is a great news. Just hate waiting for the stamp now. It is going more than 6 months.
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    Giraud vs Gracey

    Re: Giraud vs Gracey <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: aloreman</div><div class="ubbcode-body">So how hard is it to swap to a different caliber? </div></div> I can not speak for Gracey since I don't have it but for Giraud, it is super easy to change...
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    powders for .308 ?

    Re: powders for .308 ? <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: JGorski</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> Then you should try 2000MR for the same reason, not to mention how well it shoots.(: </div></div> Thank you, I will look into it. Another reason I...
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    powders for .308 ?

    Re: powders for .308 ? I use Varget for for bolt gun and TAC for semi. Both are great powders. The reason I use TAC for semi because it measure well in progressive press. TAC is a bit hotter than Varget.