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    The "New" Barrett MRAD Thread!!!!!!

    Does anyone know the weight savings of the 22" carbon fiber barrel over the standard 22" fluted steel barrel in the folding stock MRAD in .308? I have looked on the Barrett website but it is unclear what the actual weight difference is between the two barrels.
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    LMT .308 MWS

    That is impressive. Thanks for putting this up.
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    Maggie’s What are you drinking right now!?

    Makers Mark 46
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    Firearms WTS AI AT SOLD

    PM sent.
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    interesting WW2 pics

    Thanks for posting this. We forget history to soon.
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    Texas man hits 1 MOA target at 2.07 miles

    Congratulations all the way around and thanks for posting about this. When I was a kid in the 1960's shooting 1,000 yards and hitting something was an amazing accomplishment. I would like to know what they factored in for the Coriolis effect on this shot.
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    Hunting & Fishing 2014 Hunting Bows

    PSE Vendetta. Does everything I want to do with a bow and more.
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    Which plate carrier & Plates are good quality not too heavy or expensive?

    I am six feet and 190 lbs, 44 inch chest and 34 inch waist. I run 10" by 13" plates front and rear in an SKD PIG Plate Carrier. It is comfortable and cooler in hot weather thanks to the dual vertical channels in the back panel. Not the cheapest at $325.00 but the design, fit and build quality...
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    Rifle Scopes Condition of "Demo Units" From Cameraland

    CameraLand always goes the extra mile to make sure you are happy with your purchase. My demo unit looked and functioned as if it was new. I really could not tell the difference between it and a new one.
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    Mile high Shooting Vs. Eurooptics? getting ready to order ACIS stock

    I have order from both and each have wonderful Customer Service. I wish the rest of the world ran as well as these companies.