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    Hunting & Fishing 2014 antelope

    no pic of wound sorry nothing special hole in hole out thru the ribs behind shoulders it did expand.
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    Hunting & Fishing 2014 antelope

    Got my goat not a big one had 1 day to hunt and was trying to get one at long range. Was hoping for 1000yds but of course the wind was gusting to 15mph so I decided not to push it too much. so... 300RSAUM built myself Nikon monarch 5-20x 208gr amax 742 yards one shot he went about...
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    Gunsmithing chamber question?

    I have 5 or 6 reloads on some of it and no issues. I guess I will just have to keep it separate, which does suck because I have a ton fired from factory rifle and not nearly enough for the other two. I thought about tearing one down and giving it another .001 or .002 to see if that would work...
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    Gunsmithing chamber question?

    same set of dies for all three RCBS fl sizer dies. I know the factory rifle has a shall we call it "generous" chamber but once its resized and refired it should be chamber sized correct? Or is the factory chamber so loose that the brass is toast somehow. Reloads from the factory rifle in the...
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    Gunsmithing chamber question?

    So I have a 300SAUM well 3 actually 2 that I built and a factory Remington. If I take a brass from the Remington and resize it it will chamber up just fine in the other 2 rifles but once fired extraction involves a rubber mallet in either rifle I built. My question is are my chambers too...
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    Gunsmithing boredom project

    I did both a rim on the back and I threaded the inside of the choke and outside of insert so its locked in from both ends. It shoots good enough I might make a 22 mag and a hornet insert for it. I thought about doing the mono-block thing but I still have a ton of 44 stuff to shoot up! and your...
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    Gunsmithing boredom project

    So I had the day off again... oilfield, feast or famine I guess. Anyhow I have a contender with a couple barrels, one of them was a 44mag hotshot barrel with the screw in choke. So as a 44 its ok minute of paper plate it has killed deer, but never really thrilled me. So I've been wanting a...
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    Gunsmithing Machining...can it be self-taught?

    I waited on a rifle once for over a year, told myself it couldn't be rocket science, convinced the wife i'd be saving money in the long run (yeah right). Bought a grizzly lathe and a mini mill, never used either ever, bought a little metal to practice on, now 15-20 rifles , a dozen or so muzzle...
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    Hydro Dipping?

    we've done it a few times its not really to hard but there is a learning curve, depending on the pattern and how picky you are because there will always be a seam somewhere but for the most part its not rocket science.
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    Tumbling Loaded Ammunition

    Re: Tumbling Loaded Ammunition a bunch of 223 rounds loaded by us sat around a few years some were getting tarnished. Threw them all in a tumbler to clean em up, loaded with H335 25 gr. 55gg fmj. over half of them were WAYYY over pressure! Can't say for sure why but thats the same load and...
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    Gunsmithing Replacement Barrel Contour...

    Re: Replacement Barrel Contour... I see a rem varmit contour under sporters last one in the chart measure your barrel to make sure the muzzle should be around .830' according to the chart
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    Range Report Your farthest hits ever?

    Re: Your farthest hits ever? not my farthest but 2 of 4 at 1450yds with another members 7saum first time ever behind the gun should have been 3of4 but it was cold out and my numb finger and that 2oz trigger weren't use to each other
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    Maggie’s My local Pawn Shop is full of stupid.

    Re: My local Pawn Shop is full of stupid. You guys find DEALS at pawnshops? The pawnshops here are HORRIBLE you can buy any POS beat up broken or halfway decent used rifle there cheaper brand spanking new at walmart or the sporting goods stores in town. All the gun related stuff is like that.
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    Gunsmithing $50 Hillbilly Gun Oven

    Re: $50 Hillbilly Gun Oven I made one almost exactly like this only I use a heat gun instead of the hot plate Just put heat gun in thru hole in the bottom small exhaust hole at the top. It works really well. I never thought about a hot plate I guess I assumed the circulation would help.