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    stupid ? about high dollar custom 308 actions

    To me, the action is a component in the overall build. It in itself may not make you a sub half moa shooter, but I have several factory rifles that shoot pretty well, in the .75 moa area, occasionally spitting out a sub half moa group. Sometimes you have to wonder when you shoot the bigger...
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    precision rifles... show em

    It's here now. Very quiet, and very accurate with the suppressor on it.
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    precision rifles... show em

    Fairly similar. mine with the suppressor is about 18lbs.
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    precision rifles... show em

    This is a sweet looking rig! It bears a striking resemblance to my own.
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    Anyone seen these bullets?

    I'm not buying the b.c. claims. I make some bullets myself. There's no way they're getting almost .8 b.c. from a 210 gr. bullet. Unless they mean at 3800 fps?
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    Can You Guys Critique My Build Before I click Order?

    If I would change one thing about your build, I'd run a Seekins DBM, which allows a 3.900 COAL. Then you can throat the chamber to seat the bullet out of the powder column and have plenty of room to fit them in the magazine. This is the route I went on mine. I used a Defiance action ordered for...
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    What color cerakote?? Let's see some pics

    Sniper Grey W/ Graphite black flutes Sorry, not the greatest pictures. The Grey is almost black, and you can't really tell the difference between the color of the grey and the black flutes, unless it's bright sunlight, or in this case the bright flash of the camera.
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    Barrel flutes / action work

    You can look at Carl Kampfeld and see what he can do too. I know he does some diamond fluting and things like that. He does VERY nice work too. Barrel Fluting Gallery
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    New sniper rifle ideas

    Rollin in the Humm-G (the "G" is for golf cart) dodging the shrike missles!
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    Alright gents, lend me your ears...

    This may be true, but it's been my experience lately on calibers like that that just because they are carried, doesn't mean they are in stock. When things got crazy and the hoarding was going on, I couldn't find .308, 30-06, or .300 Win ammo anywhere here. But I could buy ammo for my .300 Wby...
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    How to Avoid Getting a Crooked Barrel??

    Well, I'm not a barrel maker, but I do machine parts. I'll take a stab at it too. If it were me, I'd gun drill it first, because the drill will wander. When it was time to contour the barrel, I'd contour it between centers to center the bore in the contour. Now this may not center the hole...
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    Barrel break in

    I like this method best. Has worked for me. Always remember not to buy a rifle with a cow barrel on it. Proper Barrel Break-in Procedure - YouTube Honestly, just shoot the thing.
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    .338 building

    Basically the same post as the other day, and the same answer. Defiance action Bartlein barrel AMU contour 28" Seekins dbm Manners T4A Thunderbeast 338p-1 Nightforce NXS 5.5-22x50 MOAR Fluting by Kampfeld, and built by LRI
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    Sako TRG Lapua Vs Custom. What would you do?

    Here's my opinion. I'm not a high dollar rifle collector, but built one custom also in .338 LM. I looked at several high end factory rifles, and there are many nice ones, but none of them were EXACTLY what I wanted. I was patient, and researched the hell out of every component. I saved, and...