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  1. ocabj

    Eliseo R5 / Remington 700 in 6mmBR @ 600 yards

    I don't post here much, but I wanted to share the results of the zeroing of my Eliseo R5 match rifle (NRA HP "Across the Course"). I've had my Eliseo R5 Remington 700 in 6mmBR built since February, but haven't had the chance to shoot it beyond 200 yards until yesterday. Was able to bring it to...
  2. Twisted

    Windage dead on at 100, 1moa right at 600????

    I have had this problem with my rifle, Remington 700 SPS Tactical in .308. It is zeroed at 100 yards and does great (I know, its only 100 yards, I just use it to check my zero) but when I back up to 600 yards, dial up 15.xx moa or whatever, my poi is about 1 moa right. I get concerned so I move...
  3. Proteus_X3

    600 yard Midranged "F" class on 7/12/09 in NJ

    <span style="font-weight: bold"> <span style="font-style: italic"> <span style="color: #3366FF"> <span style="font-size: 14pt">I had a great time at the last match,met a few new members from the hide.Mark Cohen runs his matches like clockwork,started at 9:00 everyone fired 3 relays,done by...
  4. traylor

    Range Report Trying my .308 load out to 600 yards

    I got today and walked out side and figured it would be a great day to try my new pet load for my 10fp at 600 yards.80 degrees,sunny 1.4 avg. wind at 1/2 value,You know one of those days you can't blame the wind for flyer's.The load is a slug but the largest group out of 10 5 shot groups were...
  5. Proteus_X3

    600 yard Midranged "F" class on 6/14/09 in NJ

    <span style="font-weight: bold">Match Date: 06/14/09 time 09:00am Location: Cumberland Rifleman Millville ,NJ Gates open around 7:30 am,squadding starts at 8:00-08:45am Match: is NRA Approved 600agg (F-O)/(F-T/R)Rules 22.3/3a apply</span> <span style="text-decoration: underline">Coarse of...
  6. Twisted

    600 yard match, second time around.....

    Shot an informal match tonight at the local gun club. Basic 600 yards at 1 MOA targets. My second time shooting it. My first two sighter shots were an 8 and a 10. Then the next 20 that counted consisted of 10 X rings and 10-10 rings. Needless to say I'm pleased with how things are working out...
  7. dar1246

    Rifle Scopes 600 yard shooting what power setting

    What do think is the best power on the scope for long range shooting?
  8. Dsparil

    Rifle Scopes Best scope for 600 bucks

    for a .223 with 16" bbl.
  9. Twisted

    Shot 600 yards for the first time tonight....

    I'm actually a little impressed with myself. Out of the 20 rounds I fired at a 6" X I had: 7 - X hits (one of which was dead on tits center) 10 - 10 rings 2 - 9 rings 1 - 8 ring Not too shabby for my first time out at 600 yards. With my current loads I am about 19.5 MOA of drop at 600 yards.
  10. G

    How do you get on the paper @ 600 or 1000y ?

    I REALLY want to start shooting longer distances. I have a number of different rifles chambered in 308, and also a Barrett 82 CQB...... My goal is to fine tune one gun in particular for Class F matches. I have the Ruger out of the box Class F model ready to go. So How in the heck do you...
  11. Opiy

    What caliber rifle for up to 600 and for 1000yards

    I am wondering what caliber gun to get for range of up to 600yards? I prefer something not .308. Would something like .270, .270 WSM, 300 Win, or .300 WSM do good? I want it in a caliber a little more readily a available also. I plan to be able to reload it. Now for 600 to 1,000 yards I was...
  12. N

    223 vs 308 to 600 yards..

    Say.. in a SHTF, Zombie Invasion or 3WW... for tactical shooting out to 600 yards, wich would you prefer? I know the 308 usually is king here.. but out to 600yards what would you prefer, and why? Pros and cons of the 223?
  13. S

    Butner, NC 600 yd. match March 7-8

    There is a 600 yard match at Butner this weekend (Mar 7-8). 88 shots at 600 both days. Here is a link to the details( http://www.northstateshootingclub.com/pdfs/2009Mar7MR.pdf ). Is anyone here going to this match?
  14. dar1246

    Advanced Marksmanship Shot group at 600 yds

    260 142smks 16 shots. From a cold bore shot dailing in the scope to adjusting for a 12 mph crosswind. I will post a 730 yd shot this week. If I get home in time to shoot. This is with the adjustments of elvation and windage shots.
  15. R

    Remington Model 600 Questions

    I just picked up a Remington Model 600 chambered in .308 Winchester. It's a neat little rifle but someone has cut the vent rib off of the top. I'd just like to find a medium heavy, maybe heavy barrel for it. It's gonna need a new scope as well but, I'll find a decent one. I know H.S. Precision...