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  1. B

    Question on Sizing: Bolt Face VS Case Rim

    Good day, this is my first thread as a SH member. I hope I am posting correctly and in the right section. I also can't find a thread that deals with my question, so hope some knowledgeable members can assist. My gunsmith sadly did a really CR*PPY job for me, but I only found this out after I...
  2. R

    Mossberg .223 MVP YouTube range results - H4895 and N134

    Here are the results from my reloading buddy Mike’s 223 MVP in H4895 and N133 in 50 and 55 grain lengths loaded mag length. Thought I’d make a video before we lose the results on a dead HD. At least you can balance out some of the women’s stuff on TV with some guy stuff.
  3. LilGucci

    What parts of the rifle lend themselves to accuracy?

    What parts of the rifle lend themselves to accuracy, and what should I be looking out for with each part? I'm a beginner to this so please bare with me haha Barrel: I think the barrel is the most important part of an accuracy-focused build, from its profile to its length and weight, to what...
  4. Stillwater308

    Violet add on Lens ?

    I noticed a violet add on lens included with a honeycomb and the shade tube included with an Accuracy International rifle case accesories supplied to the Bundeswher . What is that violet ad on lens for ? Thanks
  5. Near miss

    Different qualifications

    Hello, I thought of asking over here what kind of firearms qualifications you have ran into? I noticed doing qualification training drills makes good progress. I would really like to learn new qualification drills to add some variance into my training. Please post any qualifications or drills...
  6. A

    Rex Silentium MG7K

    I'm looking at buying the Rex Silentium MG7k suppressor. Anyone have any experience of running the .308 can shooting a 6.5 creed? Is it hearing safe? I'm looking for a hunting situation. Also, I keep hearing about deals and promo codes. Has anyone heard anything about them? Lastly, if anyone...
  7. MisterOrange

    Targets for load development

    I know, I know, there's a million choices already. But I wasn't 100% happy with anything I've found yet. I had the time this morning, so I drew one up. I designed the target the way I want it, with the aiming point being the tippy top of the triangle. One inch line going up from the tip, half...
  8. NateSavannah

    Firearms WTT AI AXSR 338 Lapua Package. TT 525, Spuhr mount, Cadex Falcon.

    Theres no other way to put it, I need really awesome thermal more than I need an AI AX 338. So here it is. You want it, lets talk. This is my First sale on here but have been selling on gunbroker for well over a decade under the name TacticalSavannah. So its my AXSR in the FDE variety chambered...
  9. M

    Garbage groups

    I took my .308 out shooting today for just the second time. The first time out it put 5 rounds in an inch at 50 yards but then opened up at 100 yards to about 2 or 3 inches. I put a lot of the blame for this on me, the walking feet on my harris bipod and the shitty filling in the rear bag I...
  10. SSL3O8H

    Ladder test load development data interpretation- advice/help/wisdom please

    Hi Guys and Gals. I think I might be a good fit in this online community. I hope I can better myself here and eventually make myself a skilled reloader and shooter with your collective help and eventually become a respected contributing member. I'm 1 year new to shooting and just preformed my...
  11. ManoftheNortH

    Savage Bmag: how does yours perform and look??

    Hey guys I’m new to the group I have a savage bmag and it shoots well most of the time I know this rifle has a bad wrap but I want to hear some of you guys experience with the awesome 17 super mag Savage bmag please feel free to comment and let’s talk!! Show a new guy to the group some love!!
  12. Badfinger

    Accuracy International Comp Trigger Poll

    Please take the following poll.....
  13. P

    Bartlein vs. Proof Research pound for pound?

    Wife wants a light but accurate AR, so I will be building one shortly. The question is, should I get a Proof Research 16in barrel at 25.6oz (I believe) or have Craddock or CLE spin me up a 16in Bartlein that weighs about the same? In other words, which will be more accurate at around 25oz? Which...
  14. Z

    Accuracy, me or the rifle?

    Because I am crazy, I'm over here stressing about the accuracy of my latest rifle. I'm by no means an experienced target shooter or long range shooter, but I have done some of both. Remington .223 cerakote w/5r barrel (w/ BC Medalist M40 stock) Warne 1 piece steel base bedded TPS SL rings...
  15. M

    243 Win. Loads

    I am looking for some advice on loads for my new 243 Win. I would like to shoot 105s, maybe 115 if my 8 twist will stabilize that bullet. Figuring on probably shooting the 105 VLDs. Any reloading experience with this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  16. 3

    Tikka t3 vs savage 12fv

    I am in the process of buying a rifle for my significant other as she fell in love with my old rem700 sps tactical in .223. So I'm in a toss up between these two rifles. Both would be bought in .223 rem caliber. I have narrowed it down between the pros and cons. Also, both are within $20 in...
  17. savageeaglenavy

    How to get the best accuracy and LR capabilities from my POF 308

    I have a POF 20 inch 308 and I'm curious to see what are the upgrades that I can do to increase the long-range capabilities and accuracy of this gun. My thoughts are leaning towards changing the caliber to a 260. One thing I would also like to do is to reduce the weight of the gun by changing...
  18. W

    Tuning my handloads

    I'm going to do some load development for my old Rem 700 BDL 22.250. I did a lot of testing, 212 groups in 24 different bullet/powder/primer configurations, back in 1983. At that time it agg'd .379" with StdDev of .101 (5 shot groups-100yds), that was with Nosler 50gr Match which are no longer...
  19. M

    Barrel heat effects POI

    I was at the range today with my .308 and noticed my grouos getting larger and had more and more flyers as my barrel got hot to the point you could barely touch it. I know it prob effects accuracy as it cooled a little but was still hot and i grouped 4 shots on the bullseye then the flyers...
  20. C

    Rifle Scopes Accuracy International 30mm factory scope mount

    Hey Guys Does any one know where I can find a new or used factory Accuracy International 30mm (picatini ) factory scope mount with 30mm to 1 inch ring reducers ? I figured I would ask before I put in an order and wait 6 or 8 months. Thanks