1. foolsgold

    AR-31 Armalite Bipod mount question

    Hello fellow bolt action people. I have gotten my first long range bolt action rifle. It is the New version AR-31 from Armalite. I want to put a bipod on it, and I am having a bitch of a time. I cannot for the life of me figure out what screws mate up to this. Not to mention they seem HUGE...
  2. ssnfa

    5 Year Old Broke My AR-50A1 in 5 Minutes!

    Let my 5 year old boy "familiarize" himself with my new AR-50A1 and here is the result. Should be a 2 minute fix with a new part but I wonder if this is going to be a repetitive problem? It appears to me to be made of cheap cast metal.
  3. T

    Armalite APA Tactical Bipod

    Saw this on the net. Looks odd, but could be fun. Does anyone have one? Would you recommend it for competition shooting or target shooting?
  4. R

    New Armalite AR-10 Build: Ejection and Feeding Problem

    My 'smith finally got all the parts for my Armalite AR-10 in .260 Rem with a Krieger barrel. He ran a couple magazines of ammo through it for function testing (the Giessele trigger needed some tweaking to keep the rifle from doubling) and experienced no problems. So I took it to the range...
  5. jason_mazzy

    Gunsmithing 1/4 moa out of armalite AR-10? ur input please

    I have been informed through a good military friend, that a friend of his makes custom sniper weapon systems from ar armalite ar 10's. I have spoke to him and he did a bunch for the marines and seals, and says they go 1/4 moa. I was told first it starts with the barrel, about $300 or so and then...
  6. C

    Gunsmithing Armalite vs DPMS

    I am begining to put together an AR-10 and I need some advice! I have an Armalite lower and bolt! I like the DPMS 18" barrel and need to know if it will match up if I try to configure it that way???
  7. C

    Armalite or DPMS SASS?

    I'm planning on buying a SASS, but can't decide which one to purchase. Does anybody have either the Armalite or DPMS version, and if so, how do they perform? Quality? I noticed that the DPMS version has an 18" barrel as compared to the Armalite's 20" barrel. Does the shorter barrel give a...
  8. Tony.

    Gunsmithing Specs for the Armalite AR10 SASS barrel proflie?

    My Google-fu has let me down. Does anyone have the specs for Armalite's AR10 SASS barrel? I am looking for length, twist rate and profile specs? I plan on ordering a Bartlien AR10 blank and want to have it profile correctly.
  9. cwfletch

    Armalite Super SASS (New Generation) Question

    Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and impressed with the vast amounts of information and knowledge here so far. My question concerning the Armalite was three fold: 1) Reliability Issues 2) Actual MOA Performance (Cold Bore/168 SMK/175 SMK/etc) 3) vs DPMS SASS I am familar with the KA MK...
  10. V

    Armalite AR-10 or DPMS LR-308?

    I am looking to build an accurized AR-10 type rifle in .260 Remington. Should I build it on the Armalite AR-10 platform or the DPMS platform. I know that the two will not interchange mags but is one really better than the other? I noticed that GAP builds their precision AR-10 on both platforms...
  11. GBMaryland

    Photos Armalite AR-15 / Lilja 223 Upper

    Pictures of my Armalite Upper: - Lilja AR740 Barrel - Armalite Upper Reciever - Armalite Bolt Carrier - Armalite Charging Handle - Hogue OD Free Floating Tube / Forearm
  12. wordisbawn2008

    Photos gap armalite ar-10 Snipers Hide edition

    I bought this thing from JasonK a couple months ago, threw on a magpul prs, harris bi pod, and falcon 4-14 ffp scope...finally some time in yesterday and she is surgical!
  13. G

    armalite ar30

    could an owner of an AR30 in 338LM please contact me, I've got a few questions id like to ask you. P.M. or or 714-630-5734 Thanks Gary Eliseo
  14. D

    Armalite ar10-T I just bought couple days ago

    Pics of my AR10T I bought. Its used and is a early model of the armalite ar10-T. This is a pic of it before I got it. I did not buy the scope in the pic that was on it. I will be getting the prs stock thats on it in picture shortly but right now did not have enough cash to get the stock also so...
  15. T

    Armalite Rifles

    M15 AR15 T Looking at a 24" stainless bull barrel model. Any one have any experience with the Armalite rifles ?
  16. A

    Gunsmithing Need a Armalite AR10 vise jaws

    I need to find a Armalite AR10 vise jaws, upper receiver 2-pc, and plastic composite. I need one to so I can install a Daniel Defense rail; need to pull the barrel nut. I have looked high and low and can’t find one for sale. Anyone knows how I can get one. Thanks alexander66
  17. mtm87tx

    armalite ar-10t vs ar-10tbn

    what is the T model ar10 that is a military over run? what is the difference in this and the standard T model and is it worth 2k?
  18. J

    Armalite AR10 (T) available, link inside

    Alright guys I have tried searching but nothing useful came up. I'm contemplating about purchashing an AR10 TN, it's a special editon T. The barrel is sand blasted instead of being shiny and the forward part of the handguard has four rails on it. I know they are guaranteed 1MOA. How true is...
  19. Outlaw45

    New Armalite AR-50 owner

    Just got my hands on a new AR-50. What bipod do you guys recomended? To shoot 1000 to 1500 yards, how many MOA do I need in a scope? It has a 15 MOA base. Am I ok with a Leupold 6.5-20LR 30mm? Also I need a case. I'd like one that I don't have to remove the butt stock. Most likely a...
  20. pickpick

    Gunsmithing armalite ar10/cmmg lower parts kit

    Looking to buy an armalite ar10. I have found a stripped lower and a cmmg lower parts kit. Will this combo work? Or which lower kits should I be looking for?