1. S

    Results- Odessa FV 200yd F-Class August 16th

    We had 11 guns today in oppressive heat. Summer has arrived, eh? Two relays...with each firing a 20 rounds only to keep the rifles from getting too hot. So we fired four seperate relays to complete the 40 rounds for the match. I think that was the way to go for our club match with these...
  2. S

    Odessa FV 200yd F-Class August 16th

    Our next match will be this Sunday, the 16th. Registration begins at 10:00 AM. Would someone please shoot a perfect score this time? Thanks! Scott
  3. jeffersonv

    Rifle Scopes Well it's august and still no sign of it

    I hope it's worth the wait! Any updates from Liberty Optics or cameralandny?
  4. F

    SH August 2009 Scores

    Name: Fred Gadsby Class: Scope Rifle: CZ 452 Trainer Ammo: CCI SV Match: 200YB-57GB Score: 24 of 30
  5. T

    TVP 2 ManTEAM Steel Shoot August 9th SUNDAY ONLY

    Shooters, Our shoots wrap up in September so if you want to join in now is the time. Thanks, TVP
  6. S

    Results Odessa FV 200yd F-Class August 1st

    We had a nice group today...16 guns. <span style="font-weight: bold">F-Open </span> 1. JDA Jr. 199-27V (6BRX) 2. STP 195-21V (6BRX) 3. JDA Sr. 188-12V (6BRX) 4. Greg 188-10V (222Rem) 5. David 150 (260Rem) <span style="font-weight: bold">F-TR </span> 1. K. Mussack...
  7. J

    August Offer from Tactical Resonse

    Hey Folks, Starting August 1 new people signing up for classes in Camden, Tn. will have $50.00 off. Active duty military and current police officers get 50 percent off, prior military and police get 25 percent off. The offer will extend through the month of August. Go to
  8. S

    Odessa FV 200yd F-Class match August 1st

    We will be enjoying the next match this Saturday, August 1st. Registration begins at 10:00 AM and the first round downrange should begin at 11:00 AM. This is a non-sanctioned F-Class match, designed to provide the new shooter that would like to shoot one first...then attend a sanctioned match...
  9. S

    August 2nd, Precision Rifle match in Phoenix

    August 2nd at 6:45am. At phoenix rod and gun club. No more than 50 rounds, know your 100 zero and your come ups out to 500yds.
  10. gr8fuldoug

    Rifle Scopes Winner Chosen - Next Drawing will be on August 20t

    <span style="font-weight: bold">Winner Chosen - Next Drawing will be on August 20th for a Nikon Monarch X 10.5x45 Binocular and we'll also be having 6 Nikon Trailblazer 8x42 Binoculars for 6 lucky runner ups.</span> The <span style="font-weight: bold">Swarovski </span> drawing has ended...
  11. DarinR

    D&L Sports ITRC match in Gillette, WY in August

    Is anyone familiar with this match? I plan to visit a friend in Yankton, SD and he would like to drive over and watch part of this match. I think this might be fun and a good learning experience. Neither one of us has attended a match like this. Please share any thoughts the match and if...