1. R

    Chamberings for a switch barrel rifle

    Looking at putting together a switch barrel system and after some reading WTO seems like a good shop and an easy system. It ain’t no MRAD or AXMC but it won’t cost as much either. Thinking a defiance action with an AX 338 chassis. Now I come to the decision on chamberings. I know I want 308...
  2. ATwoSomePlace

    Gunsmiths in the Carolinas ideally.

    I have a Proof research blank I want to pair with a Terminus Zeus. I will also take suggestions on other smiths. I’d just thought I’d use someone in my backyard.
  3. D

    Bergara build question

    I was curious if anybody out there has done this or thought of doing this. I really like the Christensen arms mpr for its chassis (lightweight and folding stock) but to save cost and arguably a better rifle, though about dropping a bergara into a Mpr chassis for rem 700 and clones. Only...
  4. Wilcoxjace

    Firearms Gen 2 nucleus magnum action and T4A manners stock

    Posting a gen 2 manners action and manners T4A stock both are slightly used decided to go with a light weight build for hunting asking $1500 without a trigger or $1600 with a trigger from rifle basix
  5. R

    6mm CM PRS Build

    I am in the process of building a new 6mm CM (not a reloader) rifle for PRS matches and I am trying to decide on the best action to use. I will also be ordering a 26" Bartlein barrel with a M24 contour. I am currently torn between a Terminus Zeus or a Defiance Deviant Elite. I like the...
  6. M

    AR-10 Build Question on specing out my new project

    I know that AR-10's are not a lego as AR-15s, being I kind of have to stay inside a specific style. The Style I have chose is Aero's M5 (I did not have the funds for Seekins or I would of went that route) I felt it was best to get a Lower and some mags in the safe prior to the upcoming...
  7. U

    First build, new to LR, looking for thoughts on my components

    Wondering if anyone could critique my prospective build? Any thoughts are welcome. I'm targeting a mid weight 6.5 CM rifle but I'd like to eventually play with 7mm SAUM or RUM and maybe one or two others with just a DIY barrel/bolt face swap. Bighorn Origin SA left hand Magpul Pro 700...
  8. J

    M40a1 build list recommendations?

    So I want to build a m40a1 “style” rifle in 6.5 creed On sum what of a budget, what would my best bet be to stay fairly cheap and accurate, start with a cheap adl Varmint or build from a bare receiver on up ? I’d like it to be sub MOA or better, but in the end it’s just going to be a hunting and...
  9. N

    Accessories SOLD: Proof Carbon Fiber .284 Barrel ($700 + Shipping)

    Hey All, I have a brand new barrel I bought for a 28 Nosler build that I'm not going to end up building. Get a killer deal on this barrel all the specs are in the pictures. $700 + shipping
  10. 2ndlegend

    Tikka T3x Rebarrel

    I'm sure there is a better forum to have this in, but as a new guy I'm not sure which one, so feel free to move it. Now to the meat of the post. I have a tikka t3x action that I am considering rebarreling myself with a prefit (It will probably be a shouldered prefit). The goal is to be a...
  11. ATwoSomePlace

    Review First Build List...Yeah I know SMH.

    I am currently deployed and I have put together a base list of items that I plan on purchasing for my first bolt gun. I add that I am deployed because lead times are not a big deal and I can get some discounts. If you have experience in any of the parts, I am open to different parts and your...
  12. T

    Arisaka action custom build

    I was thinking about building a 6.5 roberts rifle for my fiance. Ive been looking for actions but i do own a sporterized arisaka t99. I was wondering if i could rebarrel it in 6.5 roverts since i cant find 7.7jap
  13. T

    Small ring mauser thoughts?

    I recently found some barreled 1916 Spanish Mauser actions with striped bolts and some extra parts each for sale. I was wondering if 5 for $69.95, plus $22.50 shipping, and $25each transfer is worth it. Im look to possibly build one into a .257 roberts for my fiance and im not sure about the...
  14. RprtasteforLR

    .308 AR BCG recommendation

    So I've decided to assemble myself an ar10. I have an aero precision upper and assembled lower on the way. I've been trying to research a good bcg for this build but theres lots of options. I'm probably going to put a 20" criterion barrel on it and use it for long range shooting. Any help or...
  15. Draco877

    DPMS GII built up or DPMS LR-308 build?

    I am wanting to get an AR type in .308 WIN and having a hard time deciding how to go about it. I like the idea of the GII of being lighter by a bit and having some more compatability. However to my understanding it is easier to mess with the more standard DPMS 308 stuff. Thoughts and opinions...
  16. Jthom091

    Looking to Purchase or Build My First 338 Lapua

    I have made up my mind I want to spend the money to purchase a nice 338 Lapua I can not decide whether to purchase or build the rifle I want. I thought about building one using a stillers tac 338 action and an obermeyer 5R barrel but the more I think about it I wonder if there is a factory gun I...
  17. Draco877

    6.5 Grendal AR-15 build help

    Trying to help a buddy build an AR-15 in 6.5 Grendal leaving out the buttstock, pistol grip and handguard, which he wants to get his hands on to feel some different ones first before deciding, I am wanting some parts suggestions. He also wants to do it on the cheaper side. Some of my parts ideas...
  18. Draco877

    Savage barrel decision

    Planning to replace the barrel on my savage model 10 in .308 with a better barrel was looking at the two in the links below and am wanting to hear what people know or think of those two options. I am also wantning to know suggestions for other good options where it is easy for me to make and...
  19. Howland

    Favorite powder/loads for .308 18" 1/10 auto?

    I'm hoping to draw on the experience of members who have walked the same path I'm going without repeating everyone else's mistakes. Lazy me. I haven't reloaded for a number of years but am getting back into it now that I have access to a longer range. I used to reload extensively but primarily...
  20. 695swede

    New from Idaho

    Hello. Just another newbie here. Building my old m695 Tikka 6.5x55, Gonna see how far we can make it shoot..