1. B

    Krg bravo vs magpul hunter

    Hey guys, Newer to the group, i didnt want to post in the wrong area, according to the rules i should just put it in the bear pit if I'm not sure. So ive had a magpul hunter stock on my 308 700 varmint for awhile and like it. Good price for what you get and it does a good enough job for...
  2. ACshooting

    Comparing the .308 and the 300 Win Mag

    I am in the process of writing comparisons covering different rounds and how they perform in terms of ballistics, recoil, stopping power and more. Next to a few others I compared the .308 versus the 300 Win Mag. Covering the main aspects of both rounds, I would be interested in hearing what you...
  3. C

    Caliber comparison

    I have been looking around at different info on differnt calibers. The search here wont bring up any results if say I search for "260" or ".260". Is anyone familiar with a thread that I can check out or any other sites with info on calibers? I was looking for pros, cons, fps, velocity...stuff...
  4. kombayotch

    Range Report Apples-to-apples ballistic comparison

    Sending the rifle in for a switch barrel setup. So, I was playing around with the ballistics calculator. 7-08 actually looks more attractive than 260. George's new round looks really interesting... JBM Standard Conditions - Litz BCs (1.5" scope height). Pulled the velocities from various...
  5. F

    Rifle Scopes Outdoor life scope comparison

    I was taking my son to the dentist this morning and saw the August 2009 issue of Outdoor Life sitting there. They had a bunch of gear comparisons so I thought I'd take a look. Thumbed to the scope comparison / review and started to take a look. A Swarovski won the top pick with four stars and...
  6. GunjunkieM24

    Rifle Scopes S& B Info...Glass comparison versus USO Leupold ET

    Folks, I am contemplating the purchase of a new S&B 5 x 25 PMII. I have a USO SN3 and several Leupold MK 4's. I will say that the USO does edge out the MK 4's in clarity but neither just are not as clear as I want. I really want to try one of the S&B's but just cant seem to bring myself to...
  7. R

    Rifle Scopes where is link for blind scope comparison

    I have been waiting for the completion of this blind test one of the members here is hosting. where is the link? and has the testing been done?
  8. RollingThunder51


    This is a real "cut-off" Scharfschutzenabzeichen 3rd class patch. Posted here just to help with future identifications. Border is absent but look at the spacing surrounding the eagle.
  9. Anchor Zero Six

    AR-10 platform vs M14 mechanical comparison.

    Almost have myself talked into needing a 308 gas gun. I have done many searches and read up on both the AR-10 (Stoner) and M14 (M1A) platforms. Seems that there are varied opinions on the subject and many are given with no substantial technical reasoning. So my question is not which is...
  10. H

    700 yard comparison. 338 LM and 308 win.

    Can someone who owns comparably equipped versions of each tell me their feelings on the subject? I had a TRG 42 in 338 LM and I sold it ( ) because of the general consensus that it was a waste of powder inside 1K. I use my GAP 308 for everything now, because my range maxes out just shy of 700...
  11. selfbowhunter

    ROCK vs. KRIEGER....a visual comparison

    i just received two barrels. one from ROCK the other from KRIEGER. i was looking them both over and it was immediately apparent that the finish externally and INTERNALLY was much smoother on the ROCK. i fully expect both of these barrels to shoot extremely well but if the quality of finish is...
  12. T

    Rifle Scopes How about a scope comparison in the Houston area?

    I own a Premier Reticles 3-15 with a Gen II reticle, I also own a S&B 4-16X50 with a Gen II XL reticle and a S&B 5-25x56 with a P4F reticle. I've just gotten off the phone with Nathan of HuDisCo, who is the distributor of Hensoldt scopes. Nathan has agreed to send me on of his 4-16 FFP scopes...
  13. nickw

    Rifle Scopes Question.. NF reticle size comparison 2FP v. 1FP.

    I've shot/owned the Nightforce 2FP 3.5-15X50 w/md reticle. I'm considering the NF F1 with the same reticle. I know the the F1's reticle will appear to grow larger and smaller as magnification is changed.....My question is at what magnification would the F1 need to be set at for the reticle to...
  14. I

    Rifle Scopes Search for comparison between NXS and IOR

    Can some one help me out. I'd like to read about comparisons between NXS 5.5x22x50 and IOR 6x24x50MM ?