1. B

    First time out with new TacOps X-Ray 51

    I just got this thing last week and couldn't get to the range due to work and family commitments until today. Didn't prepare well and was in too much of a rush. Didn't bring my tool kit out with me so I couldn't set the zero on my turrets. Was 5 minutes from the range (which is over an hour...

    Reloading Equipment 308 Brass

    700 pieces of FGMM 308 brass to offload. All brass is once fired, shot from a bolt gun & stored indoors, no oxidation, etc. Price is $250 w/ delivery. I’m willing to trade this away as well.
  3. S

    Reloading Equipment WTS 308 FGMM 1x Brass

    Federal gold medal match brass once fired. 1900 pcs $25 per hundred plus shipping. Free shipping on 500 or more Can wet tumble at no additional cost.
  4. R

    AR10 Acceptable Accuracy (10 Shot Groups)

    So I was shooting an AR10 in 308 yesterday (prone, bipod and rear bag) and I'm just trying to figure out what load it likes (eventually try to replicate that load with handloads). I shot some cheap stuff and got cheap accuracy (2-3 MOA) so I pulled out some 175gr FGMM. My group was about 2 MOA...
  5. Dan Newberry

    Sleuthing the Federal Gold Medal match load... Mk 316 Mod 0?

    Okay... the self appointed mall cops of reloading might want to go watch a rerun of Gomer Pyle about now... :) For the rest of us, here's a short video we made today... Sleuthing the Federal Gold Medal Match long range load recipe. - YouTube Dan
  6. T

    168gr vs 175gr .308 POI crossover

    Well I looked all over the net for this but couldn't find it so I decided to be the first! So, I've only attempted at 100yds so far... But the poi of both loads is the same at that range. I have the drop chart taped to my stock (of each load, FGMM 168 and 175) out to 900 yds. At 900, the poi...
  7. F

    175 grn fgmm clone

    just got 200 new peices of brass and want to make a fgmm 175 clone, but possibly only have 178 amax avialable, oand have rl 15 and varget, need a load suggestion to start. its a 10 twist LW 21" barrel with a match chamber done by hd rifles if that matters. Thanks in advance guys
  8. sobrbiker883

    175 FGMM clone w/IMR4895?

    Anyone have a clone load for 175 FedGMM using IMR4895?
  9. LoneWolfUSMC

    Yay, my FGMM clone worked!

    I am pretty stoked. I just got back from the range and shot my handloads back to back with my duty ammo (168gr Gold Metal Match) with the same zero. Shooting two different zero's is a pain. While my preferred load is hotter and more accurate I will give up a little bit of accuracy for the...
  10. P

    Range Report FGMM 175's vs M118LR

    Depending on your POV, Ive either had really good luck, or not and have only ever shot M118, 118LR and M852 thru my bolt gun, I have no exp with civillian ammo. That being said, I no longer have access to Uncle's ammo so am transitioning for the short term to factory loaded match ammo till I...
  11. C

    Range Report 175gr FGMM or BHA out of a 16" -17" barrel?

    Anyone here shooting 175gr factory match ammo out of short barrels know what velocities you are getting ?
  12. A

    Range Report Anybody have a dope table for FGMM .308?

  13. LoneWolfUSMC

    Going price for .308 FGMM once fired brass?

    What are you guys paying for once fired FGMM? We have a local guy who is wanting to trade stuff for our fired brass and I just want to make sure we aren't getting hosed. I use mostly new Winchester for my loads. I all the FGMM I get from schools and shoots, etc. So I have not had to pay for any.
  14. LoneWolfUSMC

    Another 168 FGMM substitute question.

    Ok, I have read a bunch of the FGMM threads, but all of them seem to degrade into a posting of a bunch of recipes that shoot best in the posters rifle but few have an exact dupe of the FGMM. My situation: Our issued duty ammo is Federal Gold Metal Match 168gr .308. I have a good stockpile of...
  15. thumper49802

    FGMM Fire Formed brass issues.

    Ok, heres the deal. I have some FGMM 308, that i fired through my M40A3. Now im reloading them, for use in the same rifle. Im using 175 SMK's. Now here is the problem. I loaded 20 rounds, i have 9 rounds that will chamber nicely, the others will bind up, not lock in, or just plain not let the...
  16. E

    FGMM Nickel Brass?

    I got 21 boxes of once fired FGMM brass from a guy here in NorCal. He has no place to reload so he gives his brass away after our monthly matches. I don't have any reason to doubt him when he said it is all FGMM. When I started to tumble the brass prior to sizing, I found that of the 21 boxes...
  17. O

    Range Report FGMM .308 168 dope needed

    I don't have a chrono and need the initial dope for the factory load. It will be shot from a factory 20 inch Rem SPS Tac. I couldn't find it in a few searches so figured I would ask. Thanks Omni
  18. LoneWolfUSMC

    168 FGMM Group Sizes?

    What kind of groupings (5-shot or more) are you guys getting out of 168gr Federal GMM from a stock Remington chamber/barrel? I ask because up until now I have been shooting hand loads and getting reasonable accuracy from my rig. For training yesterday I had to run 168gr FGMM (our duty round)...
  19. J

    fgmm brass question

    I bought some federal gold medal match ammo to see how my rifle likes it, but realy for the brass. I shot it all up and it stood up to its name. I just got done cleaning and primming it and decided to weigh it,84.5 gr. does it build alot more pressure than winchester brass and if so how should I...