1. lowlight

    Site Upgrades: Liaison Thread

    Hi All, As noted in the Bear Pit the site is undergoing some big changes over the next few months. We have made a considerable invention in adapting and adjusting the forum to create a better overall experience for the end user. Some of these changes will be applied down the road, other...
  2. lowlight

    Board UPDATE= Post Counts, Google Search, User Names etc.

    2-25 Board Update Post Counts - yes every single user lost posts in their count. This board software handles the information in a different way which effected everyone across the board. There is nothing to be done about it. We have re-index the search which was effective and reset a lot of...
  3. lowlight

    New Site Updates So far ...

    So we are into our second day of the new software and we are aggressively moving forward on the updates and changes. All the settings in vBulletin defaulted to an off or low setting, so many things have to adjusted and will continue to be adjusted. The inactivity period is one example...
  4. H

    BEYOND 1000 yards is the name of this forum

    Guys, The forum is "Beyond 1000 yards". Please quit posting threads like "shooting to 1000 yards with a 23" barrel", "why no Rugers", etc. There are other places for these comments. Thanks
  5. M

    Hello forum

    I'm new here.... a hobby shooter... and reloader..... look forward to meeting ya'll
  6. JoeMartin

    Sniper's Hide - Rimfire Forum - A#1

    Just want to compliment Sniper's Hide on a great job of making the Rimfire Forum here one of the best I've ever seen! It's packed full of good information and knowledgeable folks. I especially enjoy the long range .22LR posts. Long Range .22LR is a great game to pursue, and the tactical...
  7. D

    What happened to the equipment forum?

    The equipment discussion forum (formerly the first forum listed) seems to have disappeared. Is this a temporary glitch? Or is it to be split into multiple different forums? Or am I hallucinating?
  8. A

    Maggie’s PC World Article: Online Forum Jerks

    Had to post this, thought it was quite funny.
  9. D

    Forum sponsors?

    Is there a page that lists all the SH sponsors? I poked about but could not find such. The Commercial Sales forum contains ads placed occasionally when a sponsor has some sale to announce. I was hoping for a central place where paid sponsors would be linked. Perhaps it's here and I just can't...
  10. H

    Photos newbie to the forum

    I am new to the forum. I am an avid shooter and hunter. Here are a few of my toys and a few pics.
  11. H

    Hi Guys new to the forum

    Hello Ive been kicking around a 1000yd rifle build and been trying to stay with the 308 and 06 parent case. I have not been able to find much info on the 708. Is anyone using this cartridge for tatical/LR shooting? Would you rate it as a good tatical cartridge? How hard do you have to push...
  12. D

    I know this is a rifle forum but....

    There is a lot of reloading knowledge here and I was wondering if I could get some help. I'm stepping up my pistol shooting alot to compete with my brother and am starting to reload 40 S&W. I was wondering what would be a good powder to use. I'm needing something that gives good performance...
  13. earthtrekker1775

    Suppressors New member. How do I post photos on a forum topic?

    I am completely lost when trying to post my photos. I got as far as trying to upload an image to a photo forum but the file was to large. On topic pages that have many photos I try but there is no file manager tab to use. Do I have to get a photobucket or like membership or can I upload from my...
  14. S

    Maggie’s forum length

    How long will a forum stay posted. Just curious.