1. R

    Optics Found - WTB - Nightforce SHV 5-20x56 with MOAR Reticle

    Well, the title pretty well says it all except that I am not too picky about illuminated or non-illuminated. Please let me know what you have. Thanks, Richard
  2. 45.308

    St Louis Area Primers Found

    Went to Dennys last week, in Fenton MO, they had a load of GMM primers. That is the most primers I have seen in a single shop since Nov. If only I could put them in a flat rate USPS box and ship home. Prices very high but hey, they have GMM primers. Hope this helps someone.
  3. wksinatl

    Found Colt .22 Conversion for AR15

    I had forgotten that I had this. I got it about 10yrs ago. I have never tried it. Anyone running one of these? Not sure if I want to play with it or get rid of it. If I haven't used it in 10yrs I must not need it too bad............. EDIT, I got it out and looked at it. It has some powder...
  4. N

    M40 Build - Donor Rifle Found!

    Guys, I've been wanting to do an M40 build for a while now, so i've been searching for the correct donor rifle to use for the project. I am no pioneer in doing an M40 build and wanted to give credit & a big thank you to Matt (monteboy84) for his detailed post on his M40 project. Just for...
  5. N

    Rifle Scopes Found a Sightron S3 6-24x50 mildot

    I have been siting on the sidelines studying the forums and want to say thanks to all the info posted. Very helpfull. So I figured it was time to join in. Decided to go with a Sightron S3 6-24x50 milldot to put on my .338 edge. It was a tough scope to find as it is out of stock everywere. I...
  6. wjwill

    Hunting & Fishing Found the perfect item for hunting/camping!

    I have been thinking about getting a nice tent lately. Well earlier today I was looking at another forum and seen some pictures of tent trailors. So I started to research these and honestly I can say they look/are cool as shit. I mean when I would go on a hunting trip, I would have everything I...
  7. paraman1

    Maggie’s Found a new gunsmith

    This guy is GOOOOOOD! Good Gunsmithin
  8. L

    Sierra .338 300gr Bullets found

    If anyone is looking for these I found some locally for $45 a box.
  9. jrhammons

    Maggie’s Found Shanksters new theme song

    With all the love in my heart bro its for you.. and I only know about it cause my damn kids started calling me Moto moto cause I am gettn chunky
  10. D

    Went out looking for a Anschutz and found a Winny

    Picked up this one today. Anyone want to guess the Model? Less than 800.00 for it and two bricks of traget ammo. Donald
  11. JamieD

    Bullet, brass and powder - Found some.

    I was speaking with Darrel Holland last night and he said he had a good amount of .223 and .308 brass along with some lapua 6br and some powders. Thought I would pass it along if anyone is having trouble finding anything. <span style="color: #3366FF"><span style="font-weight: bold">Email From...
  12. C

    Rifle Scopes just found out my scope was MOA

    Please don't laugh guy's went shooting with my nightforce I always tough that .25 moa meant 1/4 inche made myself a target with 5 different aiming point so I could check if the ballistic chart from JBM to 500 hundred yards was OK, well nothing worked... could you explain to me exactly what is a...
  13. Tactical30

    Gunsmithing Found good color for stock

    Finally decided on what color Cerakote to paint my Mcmillan A-5 Desert Camo stock. I got my color swatches in from NIC and decided on going with the C-246 Flat Dark Earth to paint all the Metal instead of going with theC-240 Coyote tan like everybody else. It looks a little bit darker and looks...


    A cheek rest was found at the 200yd line a few weeks ago possible from a AI style chassis, it was given to someone at the range whom is a member and they had stated they would get it to Miker.... It may have been lost at the spring S.S.
  15. BgBmBoo

    WOO HOO..think I found my .223 load (pics)

    Well....the wind was much calmer today so I took a bunch of my latest reloads out and shot Five, 5 shot groups at 100yrds. I am pretty happy with them. Not going to change anything at this time. Here is what I ended up: Black Hills "red box" fired brass FL sized (I have two AR's and like to...
  16. L

    Found some 215M primers

    I went to Jays Sporting Goods in Clare, MI today and much to my surprise they had Federal 215M Magnum Match Rifle Primers in stock about 12 boxes of 5000 price was $4.95 per hundred. I made sure to relieve them of 10,000. F-class is looking up now.
  17. M

    Items found after READE match

    Ok, I found a couple of items after match, PM me here if you lost them. You tell me what they are!!!!!!!!!miker
  18. superde

    I finally found some Fed AE .22lr 40gr

    Searching the Web this evening I finally found a place which had some. Finding this stuff (or any other ammo as we all know) has been a major pain in the ass. There is one brick left FWIW.
  19. 2

    Maggie’s Cat found

  20. D

    Maggie’s I found that Unicorns actually exist

    The subject of Unicorns came up today on a morning radio show and I got the link to this. This proves they do exist, but be warned don't be eating when you see this.