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  1. Lowlight

    Gunsmithing Badger Ordnance has a New FTE Brake

    Saw this on Facebook today... A nice bridge between the full size FTE and the Micro, which doesn't have the screw capture.
  2. S

    Gunsmithing FTE Badger Ordinance muzzle break.

    Do any of you guys now the torque for FTE Badger Ordinance muzzle break? I removed it to clean my rifle and but I don’t know the torque to put it back. Thanks, Christian
  3. N

    anyone compate the FTE and PAI fat bastard brake

    I did a search and didnt really find what I was looking for. I'd to find someone who has experience with both. I'm looking for one for a 338lm. thanks
  4. kombayotch

    Gunsmithing Varget residue won't come off FTE... wow!

    Not that the carbon really affects anything, but I am amazed at this. I went about 2000 rounds without cleaning the FTE. Was shooting mostly Varget. The front baffle has a thick layer of carbon on it that looks like lava rock. I have tried the following without success: -Soaking in Kroil...
  5. 96C

    Badger Ordnance FTE Muzzle Brake Pics

    Lads, Can we throw up some pics of our Badger Ordnance FTE muzzle brakes in here please? I've got one on order at the moment, just looking for some pics from you blokes to throw in the mix. Help keep me motivated while im away for OEF again. Take care and stay safe!
  6. P

    Gunsmithing Badger FTE Brake installation problem/question

    Hi have recently had a badger FTE installed on my 308, love it. Now I have decided to put one on my 338 which is where my problem begins. It originally had a defensive edge brake on it which I removed today, problem is I only have 1.2" from the flutes to the end of the barrel (about half an...
  7. 96C

    Gunsmithing Badger FTE for Remington Varmint Barrel Contour

    Hi fellas, I need a bit of help with this as I'm overseas again and have no access to my rifle for measuring. My Remington 700 SPS Tactical has a 20" Varmint factory barrel. Badger Ordnance makes their FTE Brake in two sizes: 3/4-28 for minimum .875" 5/8-24 for minimum .800" <span...
  8. S

    Sako Quad, Lija barrel, and FTE's

    Okay, got the rifle all ready to go and shot a little Wolf and some Winchester Target with a fair amount of FTE on both. I've read on here enough to know that this is common with most ammo but my question is will it get better with time? This looks like it would get old fast.
  9. Ishallbie O'Cullkillin

    Gunsmithing Badger FTE Brake- Theaded Right?

    I am just about to send my Rem700 VLS to get the barrel threaded, but noticed the clamp-on feature of the Badger FTE brake. This brake is also threaded right? If so, I will get my Rem700 threaded to 5/8x24 like my other .308s
  10. S

    Gunsmithing Thread for an Badger FTE??

    I am ordering a Badger ordnance FTE brake, Which thread should I order the 5/8-24 or the 3/4 thread? The barrel is an m24 taper on a gap TIS. (I think it is right around .900 at the muzzle.)
  11. T

    Gunsmithing FTE Thread Protector

    Just wondering if anyone has ever made, or be willing to make, a FTE thread protector?
  12. H

    Badger FTE Brake Install Question....

    I just ordered one - any details on ease of installation? Threading and/or machining? thanks!
  13. Highground

    Gunsmithing Badger FTE Brake Fit

    How far should the FTE brake screw on before it stops? Mine threads on and comes about a quarter turn from being "tight" when it is indexed. Is that normal to allow wiggle room for indexing and rely on the clamp to keep it in position or should it have been machined to tighten up closer to it's...