1. Msprink05

    Full length vs neck sizing

    This has probably been covered but i need some quick info. Im going to order a set of dies for a project rifle im working on in 243. Since it is my only 243 would it be better to order a fl die set or a neck sizer die set? Since its only really going to be a hunting rifle im looking at the lee...
  2. bdh308

    Gunsmithing Bedding a full aluminium bedded stock

    Hey guys. I bought one of the new Choate Tactical stocks which has the Vgrooved aluminum bedding block in it. Is it necessary to bed the rest of the rifle and if so which part of the stock and what kind of bedding would you recommend?
  3. ARodPDT117

    Suppressors M&P 9mm Full or Compact?

    Sorry guys, I ran a few searches and read a number of different posts but still have a quick question. I am finally getting my CCW and I am going with a M&P 9mm, my only question is, can I comfortably carry a full size or is the compact going to be my best option? I appreciate the help. Take Care.
  4. birddog28

    Forster Full Length Competition Sizer die question

    I am using this for my 6.5X47. I have developed a load based on the virgin Lapua brass. When I run the once fired brass through the die, the neck is quite a bit more narrow that the virgin brass. I'll have to put my micrometer on it to measure the differnce. I'm not getting any pressure...
  5. 4th Horseman

    Suppressors S.A. TRP OPERATOR (FULL LENGTH RAIL) question

    While on the topic of TRP Operators...Can anyone point me in the direction for a holster to fit mine...It has the full length rail. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Billy C
  6. Dsparil

    M118LR bullets(not the full cartridge) - wideners

    http://www.wideners.com/itemdetail.cfm?item_id=8442&dir=278|281|727 how accurate are these? has anyone tried them?
  7. Ross0341

    Movie Theater Deadliest Warrior Yakuza vs. Mafia Full episode

  8. Ghillie Zen

    Fieldcraft ghillie - full suit vs partial

    I've been a dealer for Tactical Concealment for awhile now and I am often asked my opinion on whether a full suit, like the "mamba", is better than a 2/3 style like the "cobra" or webtex ghillie cloak. My personal feeling is that the 2/3 style is better because it gives excellent coverage up to...
  9. ZLBubba

    Suppressors Full size USP45 w/ custom barrel and can?

    My dad gave me his USP45 for Christmas and I've been thinking of putting a threaded barrel on it and buying a can. What are the functional differences between the SOCOM 45 and the civilian USP45, besides the threaded barrel? Will there be cycling issues with all that weight on the front of the...
  10. M

    Suppressors Which supressor for a S&W M&P 40, full size?

    My next Supressor for a S&W MP full size 40....suggestions..
  11. 1

    Fireforming to AI: Full power Improved loads?

    I've always read that to fireform the parent case to an Ackley, you should use a small charge of fast powder, and have the bullet solidly in the lands. In the new Varmint Hunter, there is an article on Improved cartridges, and the author quotes P.O. Ackley as saying, "Fire forming should be done...
  12. J

    Gunsmithing Help, Glock 27 is going full auto!

    Here's one for ya... so I'm at the range today and my Glock 27 is starting to go full auto. I put a mag in it with 9 rounds of .40 Winchester White Box, 165gr. I pulled the trigger and two rounds went off immediately. Pulled the trigger again and two more rounds went off. By this time everyone...
  13. Irelander

    Full auto now legal???

    Has anyone heard if there is any truth to this: Exciting Announcement From TGSCOM NFA laws have been repealed through a long standing court battle in the 7th US Circuit Court. The president of TGSCOM had sued the federal government on the grounds that the NFA law violated the Second...
  14. hickman

    Maggie’s full autos legalized!!! go to linky to order

  15. T

    Photos Full Set

    Gap 308 Sako quad 22 M40A1 build PAI 6.5x47 Landtec 308 Gap 260
  16. M

    neck or full length resize?

    i was wondering how many folks here full length resize and how many neck size? and what are the reasons for choosing one over the other?