1. M

    Suppressors GemTech Tracker in PRS

    Has anyone used the Gemtech tracker for PRS? From what I read on Gemtech's website it is 10 rounds/ minute limit which should fit into most PRS stages. The one thing they say is no cover because it retains too much heat. Maybe someone has some experience or advice thanks.
  2. MODArmory – Nicole

    Night Vision Cool Gemtech video with night vision & thermal!

    Recoil Web Article & Gemtech Video Cool Gemtech Video with Night Vision GEMTECH - Work doesn't always happen between 9 and 5 - RECOIL Gemtech is going hot in 2014, because “work doesn’t always happen between 9 and 5…” Check them out at SHOT Show booth #20521. Thermal Video is through...
  3. deersniper

    Suppressors Anyone have a Gemtech Sandstorm?

    Thinking about ordering one to replace my old 33 ounce Sprectrum 90. Any feedback? Thanks. -dan
  4. christian77

    Suppressors Gemtech Trinity/Trimount?

    I own a Gemtech Trinity suppressor and I've seen a Gemtech Trimount advertised in several places. I went to Gememtech's website because apparently the Trimount has all the offerings of the Trinity and I was wondering why they made a second suppressor with identical features. Well apparently...
  5. Black-X

    Suppressors Gemtech Sandstorm, it’s even better than I thought

    <span style="font-style: italic">I posted this over on Arfcom and I figured you guys would be interested in the review on the Gemtech Sandstorm.</span> This all started with a quick detach HVT on an FN SPR A1a in .308 with the tension bilock mount that I was having accuracy issues with. Over...
  6. Saito

    Suppressors Outstanding CS from Gemtech!!!!

    I know. I know, there a quite a few Gemtech haters here. Anyhow, I just got a new USP Tactical, therefore I had to get a LID installed on my Blackside for it to function properly. It always ran on my 10yr old USP that had a Jarvis bbl dropped in a couple years ago(had to stone the f^*k out of...
  7. assistancefromadistance

    Suppressors Gemtech Pays your tax stamp!

    I just saw this, If you purchase a Gemtech Tundra 9MM can by the end of april Gemtech will pay the $200 tax stamp for you. Just pay for the can and you have until the end of june to get your paperwork sent to them. Here is the link. We...
  8. Rigamortous

    Suppressors Sandstorm Gemtech / Surefire / AAC Scar heavy 7.62

    I want to get one more can, this time for the 7.62 I have narrowed down my choice's (or wishlist) to : Sandstorm Gemtech Surefire FA 7.62 SS AAC Scar heavy Anyone have any experience with any of these ? Any complaints ? Also, does anyone know of a dealer that has any of these in stock ? I...
  9. slimguns

    Suppressors Curious: Does anybody still buy Gemtech cans?

    Given their past actions to hurt our community (despite their intentions) does anybody still see them in good standing? I do own 1 of their cans as it was one of my first. I take their lack of concern for the community as a lack of concern for me personally. I reason I am part of the...