1. 9

    Rifle Scopes General scope terminology question

    Why do scope companies call their side parallax adjustment scopes "side focus" scopes? Would it not be more accurate (pun intended!) for them to be called side parallax adjustment? Or is it just marketing to help the general consumer? Edit: I completely understand what parallax is....
  2. P

    Non Typical Hunting Rifles General Specs/Rules ?

    OK a while ago there was a thread on the "Non Typical Hunting Rifle" an awsome rifle a real cross over. I want to build a hunting rifle around a scope the "NXS 3.5-15x50" I suppose cal does not matter so much for general specs but personally I am thinking .300 win mag or .338 win mag at this...
  3. S

    General Remington Questions

    I'm cheap. Unfortunately Remington doesn't make the rifle I want. Soooooo.... i am going to buy the cheapest thing that they make with an appropriate barrel and and go from there. The problem I have, is there any difference between the actions or barrels (other than length and contour)from a...
  4. P

    General accuracy load question

    I realize this is a very general question, but. The load manuals always show a wide range of charge weights. Are the loads usually more accurate in the middle of the range shown, near max, or is evrry single barrel that different. I need to work a load up. I have some SMK Palma 155gr bullets...
  5. Maciej

    Suppressors General Opinions of the H&K USPc 9mm?

    Just curious what the general consensus is on the H&K USPc? Any things that bug you guys about it?
  6. 03psd

    Rifle Scopes Rings.....In General

    Searched but found nothing general in nature. Lots of specifics. Need a set of rings for a 30mm USO ST10 to mount on M700 .308 with BO 20moa base. I can figure out the height but can someone provide an opinion of manufacturers and materials. I don't mind spending $150+ for the best I can get...
  7. P

    Rifle Scopes General Consensus of Leupold 12-40x60 HD spotter

    Hi guys Just want to hear from you guys that have used or own one of these. Been contemplating one for a while now and the time has almost come to get one.
  8. C

    416 Barrett??? Whats the general opinion

    Does anyone have one of these bad boys. From what they show on the Futureweapons and then compare it to the 408 that they shot in Arca, ID on the sniper country blog, I think the 416 is a sure shooter. 416 was a first shot kill at 2500 and the 408 was lucky to hit a sheet of plywood at 1900...
  9. H

    General firearms care question

    People in the military have a huge habit of letting the bolt slide forward when their is no round chambered. Ive always been under the impression that this was very detrimental to the action, but others do not agree. Thoughts?
  10. C

    Douglas or Shilen.... Whats the general opinion???

    Just wanted to see general opinion on which one has performed better over the years. Want at least a MOA or better barrel. HAha. Be nice.
  11. Nuttshooter

    Maggie’s General Pershing got shit done!