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  1. M

    SOLD WTS Leupold Mark 6 3-18 H59

    SOLD Leupold Mark 6 3-18 44mm
  2. CSTactical

    Rifle Scopes Zero Compromise Optics FDE and Tremor options

    Some more difficult to get options below! https://www.cstactical.com/Zero-Compromise-Optic Zero Compromise Optic ZC420 4-20x50 Tremor 3 $4,215.00 Zero Compromise Optic ZC527 5-27x56 MPCT2 FDE $4,230.00 Zero Compromise Optic ZC527 5-27x56 MPCT3X FDE $4,230.00 Zero Compromise Optic ZC527...
  3. ruditron

    SOLD Bushnell XRS II 4.5-30x50mm H59 *Like New*

    Like New: Taken out of box and mocked up in a Geissele mount before removing and re-packaging. No visible blems that I can see, glass is mint. Comes with original box, paperwork, packing materials, Quick throw lever, bikini caps, multi-tool, cover, lens cloth and sunshade. *After moving some...
  4. S

    Accessories Kestrel 4500 NV with Horus ATrag Ballistics

    Kestrel 4500 NV with Horus ATrag Ballistics Used a few times. Like new condition. Comes with what is in picture including original packaging. $220 shipped
  5. C

    Horus Christmas Giveaway

    Hey Guys, Looks like Horus is doing a giveaway for a free Laser Range Finder and having daily sales on their website for the next week or so. Worth a look if you are in the market for some new gear and are on a budget. Check it out: https://www.horusvision.com/
  6. BLAMM


    In fantastic shape and rock solid tracking, only selling to make room for a XTR III. Model# 201041 with the illuminated Horus H591 reticle (noticably thinner and easier to use than the H59) and comes with the sunshade as well. This is a newer scope and the glass is very bright compared to older...
  7. B

    Kestrel 4500 NV weather meter with Horus Ballistics

    Works perfect as it should. Just don't have a need for it anymore. Has a Night vision setting to be used with NVG's. Comes with original box and paperwork. Best way to reach me is texting (405)550-7420. $250 obo
  8. FuddLord

    Rifle Scopes Kahles & Minox vs...

    Was wondering what the general consensus is about either companies offerings. I've got the opportunity to pick up glass from either company however even at well below MSRP they rival NF which has been my primary optics choice for some time. Is the price/quality worth it? Was also wondering...
  9. Christopher Rance

    Kestrel meters resource and troubleshooting website

    Kestrel Meters Owners Manuals, Instructions, Specifications, Software | AllKestrel.com Allkestrel.com is your one stop shop for anything and everything Kestrel. From firmware updates for the Applied Ballistics Kestrel to Horus ballistic support files to Bluetooth troubleshooting and more...
  10. W

    Rifle Scopes zero stop, horus reticle, tactical scope…..which is the best value scope out there

    Hi, just starting to learn to shoot long range. i just purchased a sig ssg 3000 patrol 308 caliber. i'm hoping for some help in finding a suitable scope, would love to keep it under 1200 or so if at all possible. been reading a lot and i think i'd like a scope with tactical knobs, zero stop and...
  11. G

    Rifle Scopes Premier Heritage w/ Horus Reticles

    All, I happy to announce that we are now able to offer Horus reticles in our Premier Heritage Tactical scopes. Available options will be H27 and H37. Pricing will be announced in the coming days. Delivery starting Nov/Dec 2009. Regards, Chris
  12. S

    Rifle Scopes Horus Reticle into USO?

    I know USO can install a Horus H-38 into the scope at time of production, but can it be installed after production? Does it compromise the integrity? Does it still cost $400 to install later as time of production?
  13. K_4c

    Rifle Scopes Horus, IOR or Burris 1-4X? still looking for help!

    I'm looking at 1-4x30mm for my RRA coyote 20". They are the Horus "talon" or burris "xtr" 1-4 and the 4x24 M2 IOR/Valdada Tactical Rifle Scope, .223 Caliber - with CQB reticle. I really want a reticle that offers some sort of BDC that will offer holds at extended ranges (400 to 500 meters). Any...
  14. B

    Rifle Scopes Horus vision/iphone users- got a question!

    Hello all, I have just recieved a horus vision scope, but the horus people dont have iphone-compatable ATRAG software. If you have the reticle and the iphone, what are you using to get your firing solution? Thanks!!!! Jordan
  15. D

    Rifle Scopes Horus Talon on AR

    Haven't really found much information on this so I thought that I'd throw it out to the general forum... Looking at putting a Horus Talon on a 16" AR. Anyone using one on an AR? Any feedback?
  16. S

    Rifle Scopes Nightforce First Focal + Horus H27

    Hey Folks, Just got off the phone with a Nightforce rep. He said that the F1/H27 combo was in the works, but no ETA. Man, I hope <span style="font-style: italic">somebody</span> puts an H27 in their scope so I can throw my money at them....
  17. L

    Rifle Scopes HORUS VISION

    I recently bought one of these scopes with the "grid reticle", the H 37 model. Is there a scientific formula out there to figure out which range is each line on the reticle?
  18. B

    Range Report horus ATRAGMX program

    has anyone had any expirence with the horus ATRAGMX ballistics program?
  19. mp45acp


    anyone have experience using one? thoughts on them? I am considering a try with the 5x20, but I am seeking feedback on those who have used one. thanks.
  20. armada

    Rifle Scopes Horus Vision Scopes

    Does anyone here own a Horus rifle scope? I was curious since all I ever hear about here is USO, S & B, Laupold, Nightforce and so on. I know all these are great scopes and own a few myself, but I stumble upon Horus at the range a few weeks back. I didn't have a chance to have a look through the...