1. Kimber.204

    WTS: McMillan HTG with Whidden V-Block

    Looking to sell this McMillan HTG Has an adjustable cheek piece, and a couple stock spacers along with a Limbsaver recoil pad. I bought this at the beginning of the year from another forum. It came with the CDI bottom metal. The previous owner had it bedded for a 700 but the bedding was cracked...
  2. K

    Grayboe Terrain vs MCM HTG

    I've got a Grayboe Renegade and I've come to the conclusion that I just don't like the A5 profile stock. It was my first try with this profile and it is a very well-made product but I just don't find it comfortable. Most of the rifles I own have "hunting" profile stocks and I've always been...
  3. Dsparil

    HTG Stock and slip-on limbsaver pad size?

    what size limbsaver pad would work best with an HTG stock?
  4. V

    Hunting & Fishing Hunt with McM HTG?

    Just curious fellas, how many of you have hunting sticks with McM HTG stock? How well does the stick handle (shooting aside) with the HTG stock? Pics for moral support appreciated!
  5. BasraBoy

    Gunsmithing McM HTG stock question

    Can anyone recommend a basic toolkit for maintenance of a rifle with this stock and a 700 SA, particularly kit needed for removing/replacing the stock? Thanks in advance.
  6. M

    McMillan HTG or HTG adjustable?

    I am building a 700 in .30-06. I will use it about 50% hunting and 50% on the 1000 yard line. (I mainly shoot my .308 at 1K) I am using a scope with a 42mm objective. Is the HTG going to work for this rifle or is there a reason I would need the HTG? (On a side note, my .308 is an A5 without...
  7. B

    McM HTG vs Manners MCS-T

    Any comments? I tried search but all it gave me was a million "for sale" threads. Looking for comments on ergos, quality, inletting, strength, weight, value etc
  8. K

    Gunsmithing McMillan HTG / Wichita Sling Swivel Question

    I have a McMillan HTG stock that's factory equipped with Wichita sling swivels. My question is, can I replace the Wichita's with regular sling studs?
  9. 19Scout77

    Gunsmithing Flush Cup Installation on HTG

    I want to install a flush cup in the side of the foreend of my HTG and it is clear that the skinny foreend leaves little room for error. Could someone with experience installing flush cups on an HTG/M40a1 provide us with the benefit of your experience. Also, some pics of an HTG with cups would...
  10. 4

    Gunsmithing Mcmillan HTG stock bedding

    I am planning to switch the stock on my PSS to Mcmillan HTG stock soon. Does this stock need to be bedded to get the most out? or can i just use it out of the box? Thanks for your help. 45
  11. 19Scout77

    Buttplate spacer on HTG ??

    I need a little more LOP on my HTG. Anybody have the buttplate spacer set-up on an HTG? If so please post a pic of two. Thanks.
  12. JLM

    Any A1-3 or HTG owners here in WY?

    I'm in Fremont County and if possible I'd like a chance to compare the forearms on both stocks before I place my order. So, drop me a line if you think you can help. Thanks
  13. D

    Pre-64 Win 70 Action In McMillan HTG Stock

    Does anyone know if the pre-64 Win Model 70 action will fit and could be ordered in the McMillan HTG stock? I'm curious if anyone has done it. I'm looking to build a rifle based on an action that I have. I would use a barrel contour similar to the Rem varmint contour. Any other suggestions...
  14. C

    Suppressors HTG Aris-4

    looking for some feedback on the above. Dealer says I can use from .223 to 22-250. Anyone out there have one??
  15. barenger

    wooden Mcmillan htg stock

    as i was visiting my Uncle retired Gunny mid 70's.told him i wanted to build a m40a1 and a meat gun(300 wsm) .he gave me a couple of Mcmillan htg stocks in forest camo. i noticed that the stocks were made of wood not fiberglass.didn't think Mcmillan made wooden stocks.looking for some help..
  16. R

    HElp specing out a McMillan HTG stock

    I'm going to order up a McMillan HTG stock. I will not be hunting with this rifle. I am leaning towards putting an SPS tactical in it. I know I want forest camo and inlet for a RH SA R700 with Williams bottom metal. I don't know what to do about the other options. What do you all recommend as...
  17. 19Scout77

    Badger DBM in HTG Pics Please

    Thinking about putting a AICS mag set up in an HTG, but I do not recall seeing a rifle set up as such and would wecome pics and feedback. Thanks.
  18. Phylodog

    McM HTG w/saddle cheek rest?

    I fired my new rifle today, a .223AI in a McMillan HTG. My other rifles both have A5 stocks with thumb wheel adjustable cheek rests and I had a difficult time getting a consistent cheek weld on the HTG using an Eagle stock pack and padding/spacers under it. I don't recall ever seeing one and...