1. A

    Rifle Scopes Opinions on Leupold VX III 1.5-5 Illum Circle dot

    I was considering getting MK4 MR/T until I found out about the VXIII 1.5-5. How good is this scope in general? I am planning on using it on an AR for close to mid range. Is the circle dot reticle good for this purpose? Thanks
  2. P

    Gunsmithing SMLE No.1 MK III rear sight removal help

    Got a SMLE in good shooting condition for nothing and it looks like a good gun for my "Truck gun" project. Going to duracoat, do a scout scope base and shorten the barrel, but I was wondering how to get the rear sight off. Looks like if I remove the cross pin, top screw and possibly add some...
  3. USMCj

    Rifle Scopes US Optics & JWB III are second to NONE!!!

    First off, John III, I hope you don't mind me sharing this with the hide members. Its CS like this that makes me wish I was rich enough to put a USO on every rifle I own. I just had to share. So I was lucky enough to acquire a brand new SN-3 from a hide member a couple of days ago, and the...
  4. duke308

    Lyman DPS III - Owners - Would you buy again?

    Simply stated if you could buy the RCBS instead of the Lyman, would you?
  5. beenjammin

    Ruger Mark III 22/45 firing with no mag issue

    Guys, i think there is a write up somewhere about putting mark II parts in the mark IIIs to allow them to fire with no mag. Can ayone point me in the right direction. What else are popular internal parts for these pistols. I was thinking about the VOLQUARTSEN accurizing kit. i got a tactical...
  6. beenjammin

    ruger 22/45 mark III question

    Heres a funny question: I know I want an AAc can , but dont know which .22lr to put it on. I know its goona be between a buckmark or mark III with a tactical solutions barrel, but i cant decide which. I have owned a buckmark in the past and had no issues and read that mark IIIs are beasts to...
  7. N

    FN PSR III... What's up?

    Are these available to purchase yet and if so does anyone have any experiance with them? What is the barrel contour and what does it measure at the muzzle? Can't find much info about em'.
  8. C

    Rifle Scopes Leupold Varx III 3.5-10x30mm M3? Looks like a MK4

    I know a guy who's selling a Leupold Varx III 3.5-10x40mm M3 30mm with a mil-dot reticle for $650. It looks exactly like an Mark 4 with M3 knobs. What is the difference between this scope and a mark 4? Is this a good deal?
  9. M

    Rifle Scopes Mark 4 vs Vari-X III Long Range?

    Ok, I picked up a Leupold scope that I thought was a Mark 4, but it dosent say mark 4 anywhere. It has a black ring that says Vari-X III 3.5-10x40 Long Range. It has a side focus knob with the Leupold logo. Was this the Mark 4 before the Mark 4 name existed, or is it a lesser quality model...
  10. rem700man

    Rifle Scopes Leupold Vari X III

    I have one that I sent in to have M1 knobs put on and a TMR reticle installed. It also has Mark 4 rings. Its a 4.5-14. If I wanted to sell the scope and rings what would be a fair asking price?
  11. P

    Rifle Scopes Vari-X III 6.5-20x40 EFR AO scope?

    I recently bought a Leupold Vari-X III 6.5-20x40 EFR to use on my Anschutz for sillouette matches. I had to send it in to Leupold to have a problem with the elevation adjustment. This scope has the Target dot reticle. It has a 1" tube. I know that reticle isn't tactical, it doesn't have...
  12. Firemarshall27

    Suppressors Ruger 17mach 2 Mark III barrel??

    I dont think ruger offers ther Mark III in the 17mach2 do they? I have the comp. slab side and I would like to have it in that caliber. Does anyone know if there is a place that makes replacement barrels in the 17mach2 for the Mark III?
  13. C

    Rifle Scopes Leupold RX III LRF

    OK guys, Im having issues with my LRF...I have a RX III from loopy, and have had some issues getting it out past 600m. I have had 598 on a water tower near my folks house, 3-500 off the deck at the condo i live in and out to 400 or so on "crazy ivans" 500 on maidens, and not alot of luck on less...