1. K

    Bolt a little hard to close last 1/16" of inch

    I have been reloading for my .308 for a little while. (400 or so rounds). I have reloaded a lot of pistol but am new to rifle. I am using Hornady match brass trimmed to 2.005" and after a couple of firing on the brass the bolt has become hard to close. The cases still measure under 2.015" I...
  2. Ghost1941

    I18 inch barreled rifles

    I know there was an article about this awhile ago and I'd really like to take a look at the thread. Sorry for wasting time and space on the forum but I searched around for it with no result. If you could PM me the link I'd be very greatful. Thanks.
  3. mike1128

    Suppressors Trying to decide, Kimber or Springfield 4 inch

    I'm looking at the Kimber Pro Raptor II and the Springfield Champion Operator both have 4 inch barrels...having a hard time deciding between the two. I read about in other threads about Kimbers MIM parts, does Springfield use any MIM parts in their pistol? I have a Kimber TLE RL II with no...
  4. tuckybill

    Gunsmithing Cutting a inch off a new custom barrel?

    Just got a new barrel from Bartlein. Featherweight SS for a .257 Roberts going on a HVA action. My question is how vital is cutting a inch off the muzzle end? Could I get away with say cutting 1/2" inch? I would like for it be as long as I can get it. If anyone out there has a opinion on the 1...
  5. galveston22

    Rifle Scopes 30 mm or 1 inch tube?

    Shopping for a scope. Why should I choose one or the other (30mm or 1" tube) all else being equal? Will my sight picture be larger using a 30mm tube?
  6. Dsparil

    Range Report .308 19" inch barrel with ops inc suppressor

    would this be able to simulate the performance of a .308 with 20" bbl? it's an ops inc 3rd model suppressor on a mike rock 5R stainless barrel. it's 22" right now but there's just wayyyy too much weight on this rifle. Gonna be running 175s to 800 yards and maybe a little bit further. I know 175s...
  7. P

    Gunsmithing inch pounds torque screwdrivers

    Hello, Can someone recommend a good torque screwdriver for scope mounting purposes (15 in/lbs. - 30 in/lbs.), and also another for action screws which I believe need to be 65 in/lbs.? Thanks.
  8. cybersniper

    1000yards on a 24 inch barreled 308

    hello: Any experiences on shooting 1000 yards with a 24" barrel 308 would be appreciated. EDuardo
  9. GhostFace

    Rifle Scopes Leupold 1 inch tactical scopes worth?

    Our department has a three of the older tactical scopes with one inch tubes, target turrets but not M1 style and duplex rectical. I went to Leupolds sight and could not find them listed there. I know they made some upgrades to these now and no longer offer exactly what we have. I think these...
  10. T

    Loads for 223 1 in 9 16 inch with 60gr VMAX

    Any thoughts.....
  11. RemXCR2009

    Rifle Scopes 1 inch scope rings

    I just bought a Zeiss 4.5x14x50mm scope and wanted to know what rings and base to use I was looking EGW can anyone help me out thanks