1. D

    Accessories WTS: KMW Sentinel, Barrels, Barloc, 25 Creedmoor

    Have 2 Impact Prefits: Hawk Hill M24 26" chambered by Hunts Long Range has 30 rounds on it. $680 Shipped/ LRI 25 Creedmoor 22" Med Palma K&P barrel never used. $680 shipped. Pac Nor 22" savage threaded 6.5 Creedmoor barrel less than 130 rounds on it. $380 shipped. KMW Sentinel bedded for...
  2. S

    SOLD KMW Sentinel Stock w/ IMB, DMB

    Selling a brand new KMW Sentinel Stock w/ accessories ($1500+ value on KMW website) for $1149 + shipping Includes: - KMW Stock (Blotched Woodland Pattern) - Integrated Mounting Block - Right Handed - DBM Bottom Metal - AI 5rd Magazine - Picatinny Bottom Rail Option - LOP Spacers
  3. powdahound76

    SOLD SOLD!!! F KMW Sentinel stocks with custom inletting!!

    ALRIGHT!!!! - This is SOLD! A couple of the big items many have been excited about. I sure have been!! Up for sale are 2 gorgeous KMW SENTINEL stocks. These have a molded in grey camo pattern I really like. These stocks come standard with an adjustable LOP kit installed and an adjustable cheek...
  4. dcogan@360Precision

    Adjustable Check Knobs for Manners and Foundations stocks

    360 Precision is happy to announce the release of its adjustable check turn knob. This knob allows you to easily adjust the comb on the any stock using the KMW Loggerhead ACP system. This includes Manners and Foundations stocks. These knobs have been specifically designed to ensure you can...
  5. reximus

    Accessories SOLD!!! KMW Sentinel - Integrated Mounting Block

    I've got a KMW Stentinel up for grabs here. Recently got my dad into LR shooting and he stole the barreled action, so this beaut is on the chopping block! Great condition, very minor indications of use. Have only had the one barreled action in it since new. It is equipped with the IMB...
  6. LH_Gina

    Left Hand Sale WTS LH SA KMW w/ IMB

    Looking to rehome 3 lefty short action KMW's. These all come with KMW bottom metal. Red, gray & black marble inlet for Surgeon 591 - $850 shipped GAP Camo inlet for Defiance Deviant Tactical, comes with pic rail and is inlet for Henderson ARCA rail - $850 shipped SOLD Australian Camo inlet...
  7. C

    S LOCK, POD-LOC comparo and RotaPod

    Some pics for folks that are curious, haven't had a chance to play with them yet. Neat idea...HEAVY
  8. lowlight

    Pupil of the Art of the Tactical Rifle Dot ORG *Video*

    Testing some Purdy Good Ammo @ 500 yards... <iframe width="640" height="360" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe> Do not try these techniques at home, they are for advanced shooters only
  9. S

    KMW vs McMillan cheek piece?

    I was wondering the weight difference between the KMW cheek piece and the two thumb screw McMillan (not the thumb wheel one)? I know the KMW is steal and the McMillan is aluminum, but wanted to know how much more the KMW weighed? (I would like to keep the rifle as light as possible.) Also if...
  10. patches

    KMW Cheek Mod Thumb Wheel or Wing Nut??

    Hey guys- Is anybody making a thumb wheel or wing nut like adjustment for a KMW cheek mod stock. I have a McMillan A5 with the KMW and I have to use an allen wrench to adjust the stock up and down. The problem is when I want to pull my bolt out of the rifle at the end of the day I have to put...
  11. G

    Gunsmithing KMW contact info?

    Can someone provide me with the contact info for Terry Cross at KMW? The link on their site is down.
  12. 3

    Terry Cross's (KMW's) email address

    Can someone tell me what Terry Cross's (KMW's) email address is? Thanks.
  13. Red_SC

    New KMW 260- with the Sentinel touch!

    At the Practical Marksman match last year I won a .308 Krieger MTU contour barrel and action truing from Terry Cross. When I talked to him, he allowed me to trade the barrel for any caliber and contour I wanted, and he very graciously allowed me to do a full build around it. So, Terry donated...
  14. EOS

    Gunsmithing KMW Terry Cross Adjustable Hardware

    Was wondering what my chances are of getting an adjustable cheek hardware kit for an A5 from Terry? I understand the guy is hella busy, ive tried a couple PM's and havnt got any responses. Any info?
  15. G

    Gunsmithing Mcmillan stock and KMW hardware

    Ok, I called McMillan today and amended my order of an A3-5 with thumbwheel cheekpiece. I asked them to set it up for the KMW hardware. Once I pay for and receive the stock, do I send it to Terry for the install or is it something I can do myself?
  16. 1

    Photos My new KMW

    My first rifle build by Terry Cross at Long Range Solutions. Worked out a trade for it to my good fortune. caliber 6.5-284 All can say is it's one fun rifle. Scope Leupold 3.5x10-40 var x III long range mil dot.
  17. 3

    KMW Sentinel stock

    Has the KMW Sentinel stock been released for purchase yet? Does anyone have a rifle build with one of these stocks? Anyone know KMW's phone number?