1. ArmedByRuger

    Suppressors M&P 40C?

    Does anyone here have any experience with the S&W M&P 40C? I recently eyed the 40C and wondered if it was small enough for CCW yet large enough to extend out to 15-25 yard engagements and serve as a holster carry as well. The reason I am asking what must seem as a silly question to you and you...
  2. B

    Suppressors Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm.

    I'm thinking about buying the full size 9mm. I already have an M&P .40 compact and like it a great deal. Looking for comments from anyone who already has one, or has info. they wish to share. Thank you.
  3. T

    S&W M&P 15 - 22lr

    Anybody got one yet and had time to try it out? Let us know! Thanks
  4. ARodPDT117

    Suppressors M&P 9mm Full or Compact?

    Sorry guys, I ran a few searches and read a number of different posts but still have a quick question. I am finally getting my CCW and I am going with a M&P 9mm, my only question is, can I comfortably carry a full size or is the compact going to be my best option? I appreciate the help. Take Care.
  5. Babo

    Suppressors Which would you carry: S&W M&P 40 or XDM 40? Why

    I've decided on carrying a S&W 40 caliber and am trying to decide between the Smith & Wesson M&P 40 or the Springfield XDm 40. They both have features I like as well as dislike and shoot about the same. What are your thoughts? Don't like the B(g)lock so it's not part of this discussion.
  6. captnmo

    Two S&W M&P

    Ok, I find myself in a strange situation. Through odd circumstances, of which I'll leave out, I find myself with TWO S&W M&P AR-15s. One is the Tactical, the other is the X model pictured here. Tactical X Model So here's the dumb, time-wasting question we all live for on this site...
  7. J

    s&w m&p 15 quality?

    I bought a m&p 15 model mp15or,and I was wondering how these rate compaired to other ar15s quality and resale wise. this was a compulsive purchase and it is my first gas gun. I installed a Geissele national match trigger,enidyne buffer,caa grip, and a leupold mark ar 3x9 with mildot.
  8. S

    Suppressors S&W M&P R8

    I was looking an R8 over at a fun shop and was about to buy, when I noticed some peening of the frame over the firing pin where the hammer stops. Is that normal? I am a little concerned about the Aluminum framed guns, and this kind of gave me the willies. Thoughts?
  9. Spazz.

    Suppressors M&P 40c Mags In Stock @ Midway

    If you've got a Smith & Wesson M&P .40 (or .357) compact, Midway's got the 10 round mags with finger extension in stock right now for $33.99. These things have been hard to find for a while, so if you're in need, go order yourself some.
  10. D

    Suppressors S&W 325 Thunder Ranch or M&P R8

    Ok guys, I guess this one comes down to opinions so here goes. Looking to add a revolver as a backup(not necessarily concealed). This could be woods carry or emergency solution if the semi Im carrying fails(hypothetical of course). Hard to address every situation with 1 type of ammo so I...
  11. M

    Suppressors Which supressor for a S&W M&P 40, full size?

    My next Supressor for a S&W MP full size 40....suggestions..