1. nashlaw

    Gunsmithing McMillan Question

    I have a McMillan stock that is inletted for the MTU contour. The forend of the stock is thinned out to the point that the barrel will make contact with the forend when you lightly slap the stock. (It is not a slam on the stock, I just put too much barrel on the action.). Would it be a good...
  2. barenger

    wooden Mcmillan htg stock

    as i was visiting my Uncle retired Gunny mid 70's.told him i wanted to build a m40a1 and a meat gun(300 wsm) .he gave me a couple of Mcmillan htg stocks in forest camo. i noticed that the stocks were made of wood not fiberglass.didn't think Mcmillan made wooden stocks.looking for some help..
  3. Adam B

    Gunsmithing Inlet a McMillan stock to fit a badger action

    I have a McMillan A5 and was wondering if it would be possible to inlet it for a Badger long action? It is inletted for a Stiller Tac 300 action/Rem L/A, I imagine that the inletting would be along the same lines as to what you do to an AICS but I am not gunsmith.
  4. Niles Coyote

    Mcmillan spacer system

    Anybody know what a standard factory pull lengths adjusts from and to, on a spacer system if no length of pull was specified.
  5. 03psd

    McMillan Actions (Older Models)

    Looked at a used left handed McMillan Signature Rifle in .338WM today. It had to be an early model. It didnt have the M logo but rather just had McMillan Firearms and the city in block letters on the right side of the action. It had a smooth bolt (not fluted) with a remington looking knob. The...
  6. Joe G

    Suppressors 50 Cal McMillan Video Added 3/26/09

    McMillan repeater, NF scope, AAC can, 690gr subsonic Having a friend with a love of guns, PRICELESS EDIT here******should have been 34.5 gr of red dot to get 950fps. 43 gr was shot over the chrroney when making the loads, but it was not subsonic. Still safe though. My first video upload so...
  7. J

    McMillan ratio photo request

    I am trying to make up my mind for my new A-2 stock and was hoping somebody might have some pics to help me decide. Looking for any stock photo's with the following ratio's 80%or75%Black with 20%or25% OD and 80%or75% OD with 20%or25% Black Thanks
  8. Phylodog

    McMillan stock for the Sako Quad?

    I thought I'd seen it somewhere but can't find it now. Does anyone know if McMillan is inletting any of their stocks for the Sako Quad? I have a receiver, bottom metal and mags on the way and I need a stock for it. I know Manners is but I have 3 McM's and they've been very good to me. I may...
  9. R

    HElp specing out a McMillan HTG stock

    I'm going to order up a McMillan HTG stock. I will not be hunting with this rifle. I am leaning towards putting an SPS tactical in it. I know I want forest camo and inlet for a RH SA R700 with Williams bottom metal. I don't know what to do about the other options. What do you all recommend as...
  10. C

    Gunsmithing Rem BDL inlet vs Williams in a McMillan

    Does anyone have means to snap a picture of Remington issue BDL bottom metal sitting in a McMillan stock that has been inlet for Williams bottom metal? Thanks.
  11. jayjaytuner

    Gunsmithing does mcmillan inlet for barnard actions

    anyone know if mcmillan inlets for barnard actions, would like to build on a barnard "P" action
  12. badkarma1985

    AI AW50 vs McMillan Tac-50

    Hey guys I'm looking to buy another rifle and after I talked myself out of the 408 it has come down to these two guns. I am looking for anyone who has had any experience with either of these or preferably both rifles. I have done my research on my end and I already own AI's as well as a...
  13. Cory Lee

    Gunsmithing mcmillan cheek piece upgrade

    I've got a McMillan with the integral cheek piece. Is it possible to upgrade now to the thumb wheel cheek piece? Is that the $45 dollar one listed under GAP's services page?
  14. alien319

    Mcmillan A4

    What is standard fill and sniper fill? I am looking at getting one of the A4 stocks in Olive Drab. I don't know much about them. What are these fills?
  15. RollingThunder51

    Photos Gale McMillan

    Gale McMillan, in his prime amoungst the best stocks in the world. In his hands, his final contribution to the venerable M-14, created with Lynn McWilliams of AWC Systems, the AWC G2. Full story here:
  16. G

    Gunsmithing Mcmillan stock and KMW hardware

    Ok, I called McMillan today and amended my order of an A3-5 with thumbwheel cheekpiece. I asked them to set it up for the KMW hardware. Once I pay for and receive the stock, do I send it to Terry for the install or is it something I can do myself?

    Savage 10FCP McMillan or Remington 700 5R?

    I am debating between these two rifles in .308 and absolutely cannot make a decision. I have been doing a lot of research on both and I know I can't go wrong with either, but I would love to hear what others think on the matter. I tired using the search, but there were way too many hits for me...
  18. M

    Lets see some of those McMillan marble colors

    Trying to decide on a color for a new stock, please show some of your marble / swirl color patterns. Thanks, Mike