1. Tactical30

    Media Question

    im new to reloading and was wondering how many tumbles is corn cob media good for? How many times can you use the same media? Do you keep adding polish everytime you reuse it?
  2. D

    Gunsmithing Carrier media for hBn ?

    While I know some of you guys like this stuff for bullets, I was thinking that it might do well for the top latch on my Kreighoff to counter the wear on the lug wings. If I do it, whats the best way to get the stuff burnished on there? The area is not that large surface wise, so I was thinking...
  3. G

    Who uses ceramic media to clean their brass

    What do you guys use for trumbler/media/cleaning solution. Any pictures of before and after cleaning?
  4. Lostsheep

    Gunsmithing Bead Blasting Media?

    Gentlemen, What glass media do you prefer for blasting a stainless barrel for a durable matte finish? Thanks, TK
  5. lordt313

    stainless steel media?

    is it ok to use stainless steel media in a vibratory tumbler, I have a Lyman 2500, would this tear up the bowl? Also where can one acquire this type of media? Thanks, Taylor Lee
  6. E

    media for tumbling

    what do you use as media in your tumbler? and how long does it last?
  7. DoppelA

    Cleaning after Media Tumble?

    Just wondering what everyone is using for cleaning brass after being in a tumbler. I am afraid of getting scratches on the brass from the residue, and it building up in the die body. Thanks.
  8. Jrb572

    What Brand Cermaic Media do you use?

    I see the Cabela's brand media it's $49.99. Is there any other brands and any that are cheaper. Which brand works best? I have an RCBS vibrating tumbler.
  9. N

    Tumber Media

    How long are you guys using your media for?
  10. Neophyte

    Maggie’s When you control the media..........

    <span style="font-family: 'Arial Black'"><span style="font-weight: bold">If you control the media,it determines how the message is heard. <span style="text-decoration: underline"> Never forget that!</span></span></span> A biker is riding by the zoo, when he sees a little girl leaning into...