1. 500grains

    What is the most popular model of rifle in Amerika

    What is the most popular model of rifle in America today, based on annual sales volume? Yesterday on the gun talk radio show the host said it was the AR-15.
  2. B

    Cooey Model 64B problems

    Hello, Not an avid poster but have been a lurker for awhile now. Well I finally got my first rifle, a good cheap little Winchester Cooey Model 64B .22LR semi-auto. Got it cheap and still shoots true but it jammed every shot so i took it fully apart and cleaned it and now it only jams every 3rd...
  3. lordt313

    Suppressors Interarms Model 80 V Bernardelli??

    Anyone ever heard of this particular gun? If so any ideas where I could find a magazine for it?? Thanks, Taylor
  4. RollingThunder51

    * - Mini Windrunner - Nemesis Arms Model 06

    I contemplated adding the following on to the thread concerning tspearsrph’s experience as of late with his Mini Windrunner, but felt that his message of top flight customer service should stand alone, and as such, I’ll start fresh. I promised you people some shots of the mini windrunner, the...
  5. B

    Gunsmithing Rem model 7 help, j-lock, bbl contour, mag boxes,

    Trying to find a replacement firing pin assembly to dump a j-locked one. I have found countless manufacturers for the 700, but none for the 7. Any source other than Remington? Can anyone identify the barrel contour of a non-magnum Model 7? I've found no luck searching. Also, do the...
  6. J

    Load suggestions, model 70 223?

    An uncle gave me a Win model 70. It is post 64 and has a bull barrel with 1 in 12. The barrel is marked .222, but it was rechambered for 223. It does chamber a factory 223 round. It has a pretty good trigger and the bore looks good. I was thinking of making up a BUNCH of rounds for a Pdog...
  7. Saito

    Range Report Correct Native Drag Model

    What would be the correct Native Drag Model for a .308dia 208 grain Hornady A-max when using the Ballistic FTE program on the Ipod Touch? I'm currently using G1, I know from experience that G7(VLD boat tail) is not correct. G5(Low Base Boat Tail) looks like it may be correct. I've only tried G7...
  8. R

    Remington Model 600 Questions

    I just picked up a Remington Model 600 chambered in .308 Winchester. It's a neat little rifle but someone has cut the vent rib off of the top. I'd just like to find a medium heavy, maybe heavy barrel for it. It's gonna need a new scope as well but, I'll find a decent one. I know H.S. Precision...