1. J

    Suppressors Ops Inc 12th model

    Where can I find a dealer for this can in MT? Preferably close to Billings, but will drive if needed.
  2. R

    Gunsmithing New Center Feed Wyatt Boxes or model 700 Remington

    I am building two .284 Winchesters on Stiller Predator actions. I called Kevin Wyatt about using his expanded and extended mag boxes because I was not pleased with his old Center round mag boxes for the Short Mags(or fatter than 308 cases). Kevin Informed me he had added to his line 4130 CM...
  3. T

    Winchester Model 70 Marine Corps Sniper Rifle

    Greetings all, I am a former Marine and on active duty now with the National Guard in Iraq. Currently I'm a door gunner aboard a UH-60 Blackawk. Enough about me. I am thinking of building a replica Model 70 Sniper rifle pre M40. I can't find any info or pictures to help with my build, as I want...
  4. M

    Rifle Scopes Need Help: Arisaka Model 99 Optics

    I inherited an Arisaka Model 99 from my grandfather. It has a turned down bolt which is serialized with the rifle, so I believe they are a pair. I'm trying to put it back together, and three parts I'm missing are the dust cover, monopod and scope. The first two are easy enough to find new and...
  5. slayer_21420

    winchester model 70 heavy varmint?

    just picked one of these up in 243win for $350, I haven't shot it yet, it has less than 100rds through it. I was wondering if any of you guys have experience with this rifle, and what twist they are? thanks, Steve
  6. N

    Photos Nemesis Arms Windrunner Model 06 .308

    Nemesis Arms Windrunner .308 that fits in a briefcase or backpack. The Windrunner is a bolt action with a 5 shot Mag, adjustable stock and cheek rest. This recoils the same as a .223 when used with the muzzle brake. These are a custom rifle from top to bottom.
  7. 3

    Gunsmithing Model 700 bolt

    How is the bolt arm attached to the bolt on a Model 700? Is it silver soldered?
  8. 3

    Gunsmithing Remington model 700 recoil lug question

    Pertaining to a Model 700 short action in .308 caliber, what is being gained by replacing the 3/16" thick recoil lug with a thicker lug? What is the real reason why factory recoil lugs are replaced with thicker ones? Can a rifle with a 3/16" lug do everything that a thicker lug can do?
  9. QuietShootr

    Rifle Scopes S&B PMII Marine Corps model compatible with .300?

    Or is there a BDC available for .300 Win 220gr?
  10. K

    Mini 14 GB model

    Just traded for a Ruger Mini 14 GB (Government/Bayonet) with origional 10 rd mag-The rifle is 75 to 80 percent condition-Anyone know of a ball park value on this rifle Thanks for reading Ken S
  11. HOOFER

    question with model 1 sales

    looking for a varmint upper for my ar, what are your thoughts on the model 1 sales varmint uppers, anybody have experience with one thanks
  12. H

    Remington Model XCR Compact Tactical

    So I purchased the above rifle. The rate of twist is 1 in 12". Can I optimally shoot FGM 168 grain? Or do I have to shoot 150 grain ammo? Thanks.
  13. 3

    Model 700P questions

    What is the differences between the new 700P's being currently produced and the older ones? Do the newer ones have the Jlock bolt and Xmark trigger?
  14. T

    Rem 700 PSS 90's model $$$?

    Shooters, I have a friend in need of some cash and he really doesn't want to sell this rifle but may have no choice. It's a Rem 700 PSS .308 black synthetic HS stock. What is a FAIR price he can expect to get out of this rifle. It has 500-700 rds shot through it. Please let me know so I can...
  15. A

    Rifle Scopes IOR model differences

    I've been wondering if reticle illumination really cost the price difference, or there is more to it. IOR Valdada 2.5-10x42 Hunting Rifle Scope 4A Reticle $645.00 IOR Valdada 2.5-10x42 Rifle Scope Illuminated 4A Dot $975.00
  16. 762frmafr

    Marlin model 90 .22 hornet over .410

    I recently picked up a Marlin Model 90 .22 hornet over .410 at an auction. Except for not having the box, I would say it is an honest 95% gun. I looked at the Blue Book of Gun Values and it states that there were only 500 combination guns produced. I was wondering if anyone knew how many of each...
  17. W

    Remington Model 70C?

    Looking for some info on this one. I Found a lightly used Remington Model 70C, but I can't find any info on this model number online. It has a heavy barrel, not sure if its 24" or 26", and appears to have a stock very similar to the PSS. The action is actually marked "Model 70C" and it does...
  18. 3

    Which CZ Model

    I would like to buy a CZ 22LR for small bore silouette class shooting. I believe they have a weight restriction as well. I was thinking about a CZ 452 with a synthetic stock and matte nickel finish. I plan on putting a 6.5-20X50 target Leupy on it. Is this a good choice or is there a better CZ...
  19. S

    Model 70

    I picked up a Winchester Model 70 today and I really have no idea what I have. I'm much more familiar with 700's, so I'm hoping to get a little help identifying it. I'll get some pics up soon as I can. But anyway, its got a 26" stainless heavy barrell in 223 rem with a blued receiver. The bold...
  20. Recon Sniper

    Remington Model 660 (6mm) Ballistics Chart???

    Hide, I have been unable to track down a solid ballistics chart for my Reminton 660 6mm I am shooting core-lock 155 grain round. Does anyone know where I can track a chart down?