1. RobG

    Will moly make a noticeable change in ballistics

    I NEED 7mm Amaxs and can only find moly coated ones. Will these make a significant change from the standard bullet? Can the moly be removed? Thanks
  2. Corp. Punishment

    Gunsmithing Chrome Moly Barrel?

    I am purchasing a CM barrel and I was wondering if they need to be blued. I have heard that with a CM barrel it needs to be blued in order not to rust. Is this the case? Thanks
  3. C

    Gunsmithing Moly grease?

    Anyone know what brand of Moly grease I should use when mounting an AR15 barrel to the upper?
  4. Tactical30

    Gunsmithing stupid moly coat!

    I had recently bought 15 boxes of 52gr. Black Hills match from my local gun store and when I got home I realized that 1 of the boxes is Moly-Coated. Shit. Theres $40 wasted. I dont shoot moly. Is there any way to remove the Moly-Coat and still retain accuracy without damaging the bullet. I cant...
  5. P

    Templar Actions All Chrome Moly ?

    Are the actions of all chrome moly construction ?
  6. evibat528

    Range Report Moly coated bullets

    Anyone use moly coated bullets? I've heard they can increase velocities but fouls the barrel more than copper. I have read somethings about it but want to know if anyone has any first hand experience.
  7. P

    .224 Moly or standard

    I am about to purchase some reloading bullets for .223 and I cant decide on moly or standard bullets. I will be loading either 69 or 75's. I would like to buy moly but I have been told that if you shoot moly through your barrel then that is all you can shoot accurately through it. Is this true...
  8. JRose

    Range Report 6.5 Creedmoor (moly)???

    I wonder why Hornady isn't offering moly coat for the CM match ammo???
  9. J

    Moly coated bullets?

    So, what's the current word on shooting moly coated bullets? I picked up 500+ 60gr .224 bullets to use in an AR, but haven't actually loaded any yet. Any issues with shooting it and regular copper jacketed bullets together in a chrome or stainless barrel? If so, what is the easiest way to...
  10. A

    Cleaning so not to remove moly

    I shoot moly and always have. Lately ive been talking and reading and apparently I clean my rifle too often and too intensely. So my question is if Ive recently cleaned pretty much to the metal then fired 50 rounds of moly coated rounds, when and how should I next clean my rifle so as to leave...
  11. Mag 300

    Best way to cleanup a barrel from MOLY?????

    Thanks Bill
  12. csbkmartino

    Who does their own Moly bullet coating

    I've been reloading for years but have never tried moly coating factory non-moly bullets. What is the best process? Thanks
  13. A

    Who uses Moly?

    Just curious how many of you guys use moly coated bullets. For a rifle that is going to see a large amount of shooting before cleaning, moly would be a good idea. Cheers
  14. 9H_Cracka

    Berger Moly closeout

    Eric Stecker just posted this over on nationalmatch in case you are a Berger Moly fan. Moly Discontinued Bullets Sale March 2009 We are clearing out all our moly coated bullets that will no longer be available. The following bullets are available at significant discounts while supplies last...
  15. 500grains

    Holy moly! Just got powder price sticker shock.

    Around election time I purchased powder at 18 bucks per pound. Was in the same store today and the powder that they have (about half sold out) is $25 per pound. Crikey!
  16. tireys

    Range Report Moly B and accuracy?

    Have any shooters here heard of running a patch with Molybedunem down a barrel? I have tried this but never did any extensive testing with it but I have heard that it makes a difference in grouping especially at longer distances?