1. O

    Online shooting classes on

    Subscription Name Sniper's Hide Online Training Description Subscribe to Sniper's Hide Online Training Class in association with Rifles Only. Subscribers will get access to online training classes, including images, and videos not found on the regular forum. Includes access to instructors to...
  2. D

    This on-line training....

    Is pretty damned good! I went through the first 4 and 1/2 sessions yesterdays to quickly get some of the fundamentals before going out today. I plan to go back over them and practice one at a time. However, shot for three hours today and my groups are half what they were a week ago...
  3. GUNNER75

    Online Training Question, suggestion, etc.

    First of all, I dig it a lot. Lot's of good info on here. I have been shooting a lot more lately and decided that I needed to buckle down and get with it on consistency all over the board along with technique. Nice to see this available. I have turned several on to precision shooting over...
  4. wksinatl

    just joined the Online Training.....

    .....and it is as good as everyone said it was. Take the plunge and join for some kick ass info. All of the vids are good but think the best (for me) is TRIGGER CONTROL followed by BREATHING. Good job guys! Keith
  5. xNF_9

    Sniper's Hide Online Training?

    I am debating weather or not the Sniper's Hide Online Training is worth what they are asking for it? All I am asking is people who have subscribed to tell me when they signed up did it help them a lot? I am a novice beginner/novice shooter. So would you suggest it for me or no?
  6. deersniper

    Online training DVD?

    Is there any way to get the online training in DVD form? I have slow internet, and a DVD would work alot better for me. Thanks. -dan
  7. J

    'On-Line Training' Access

    Why am I denied access to the Online Training Forum? Have I missed something?
  8. ms6852

    Buying Ammo online.

    I have never purchased ammo on line and would like to buy certain brands that have been recommended such as SK and Lapua and PMC. Is there any extra fee that is paid for transporting ammo to my house by UPS or FED EX. Do I need to get permission etc.
  9. R

    308 Winchester Brass at Cabelas online!

    Just in case anyone is trying to locate Winchester brass, Cabelas has got some right now. I just ordered some 308 for $38/100,and $169/500!
  10. L

    Maggie’s Online Advertisement

    OK, I understand the need to sell advertisements to support the site, but a do it yourself circumcision at home??
  11. TonyC

    Online Traiining Section Missing

    Errr, OK, I can't get to the online training section from the main forum menu - it's gone..... If I go to my stuff and link to a post I made in the section it's there. Anyone seeing same or have I finally cracked? TC
  12. A

    Maggie’s PC World Article: Online Forum Jerks

    Had to post this, thought it was quite funny.

    Rifle Scopes Online Nightforce Dealers......

    Are there any that you would heavily recommend? I was hoping to get an 8x32x56 NXS npr 1 or 2 and was hoping someone could steer me towards an exceptional dealer. Thanks Rocco
  14. Saito

    Online Powder Shipment

    Ok, so I've never bought any powder online. I know about the HAZMAT charge, but the only options it's giving me for shipment is overnight or 2nd day air($202 and 102, respectively). Is this how you have to ship it? I'm looking to get 13 or maybe 18lbs from Midway......What's the deal?
  15. U

    How to log in to online training?

    Signed up, paid to pay pal confirmed, logged into the general forum, clicked on online training get a access denied with only return to screen. How do you gain access?