1. S

    Need Help--308 Brass Growth and Stuck Cases in Rem 700

    I've looked for clues all over the internet and in my reloading books, but so far I have come up short in trying to solve a problem I'm having with my 308 loads. I've been working on solving this off and on for a few months with no luck. I have loaded successfully for years in a bunch of...
  2. M

    Super DIY solid reloading bench

    Hi all I've been lurking for a while and thought I would jump into the fray with pics of the reloading bench I built yesterday. I used Simpson Strong Tie brackets. My requirements were: - workable height for standing or sitting on barstool -- 36" - Super sturdy construction as the bench...
  3. P

    Buying what I need to reload .308 but what dies?

    Wow, there are so many different dies for .308 and I am lost. I am going to reload for myself because factory ammo is so expensive and honestly not impressing me with accuracy. Should I get a FL sizing die or just neck sizer? I am planning on loading to a COAL. I have a caliper. Whats a good...
  4. Pusher591

    Anybody in NC willing to reload for a brotha?

    Once I get my rifle built I was wanting someone to help me work a load for my gun. I will pay for brass,bullets,powder exc. I will also pay for labor. I do not have the know how or stuff to do it myself. Would be nice if I was able to come to someones range sometime, work up a couple loads and...
  5. SurgeonPredator

    Maggie’s Emergency Kalashnikov reload!

    This guy knows how to handle his AK... <object width="425" height="350"> <param name="movie" value=""></param> <param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param> <embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"...
  6. one shot ST

    HS Precision HTR .308 reload

    I'm approaching to reload my HS precision HTR in .308 W, I would like to use sierra match bullet 175 gr or similar to shot from 500 to 900 meters.... somethings to give to me ? thanks
  7. Outlaw45

    Fed Match & my reload

    My gun (Rem700 VLS 308) has never shot factory loads very well. Today I tried Fed. 168 Gold Metal Match. 75 degrees, slight breeze from 12 o'clock, 850 ft. elevation. I switched scopes so the first 3 shots are getting it dialed in. Shot over sand bags. Shot 1: 2666 fps, on paper Shot 2...
  8. rweldon

    M1 Garand 30.06 reload recipe

    I have come across a lot of Federal and Hornady 30.06 brass. I want to reload all of it for my Garand. I know the powder charge has to be just right or I can start expecting damage to the gas system and associated parts. What is the best recipe for Powder Brand and type, Powder Charge amount...
  9. G

    Reload .338 LM

    Hy guys, Any experiences with .338 LM are wery appreciate. Actually I reload with N165 and N560; lapua bras, federal 215 primers, Sierra MK 250 gr I'm looking for the best reload to hit the gong at 1500-2000 m
  10. D

    Do I have what i need to reload???????????

    Lyman T-Mag II Reloading Press, universal case trimmer, 1000XP electronic scale, #55 powder measure, universal priming arm, primer tray, auto primer feed, extra decapping pins, 49th edition reloading handbook, primer catcher, deburring tool, powder funnel, quick-release turret system, case lube...
  11. R

    .45 reload help please

    I have acquired a couple of hand-loads that I cannot find information on. all are .45 auto cal. I need an opinion if these are safe to fire or do I pull the rounds and adjust the charge to be safe in my colt series 80. #1 200 gr lead wad-cutter with 7 grains of 800 x powder #2 155 gr. lead...
  12. N

    Anyone Reload cases from linked 7.62?

    A few of my friends were saying it's worthless... the Lake City stuff looks good to me, any issues?
  13. B

    Fieldcraft Whats the fastest way to reload a bolt action?

    Any one here mess around with scout rifles? I'm in the process of figuring out how to run a Savage scout. I admit that its a bit of a concept toy out side of being a good deer rifle. I can get five (4+1) shots off pretty quick, the butt cuff will handle the first reload, and then what? Im...
  14. doc76251

    Reloading 101: Reloading basics for the new reload

    Reloading Basix: After helping quite a few folks recently getting set up for reloading I decided to put my thoughts on paper. Here is my spin on how to turn out good quality ammunition for precision/tactical rifle at minimum cost and minimum fuss. The steps I use are ones that make me feel...