1. Dvando20

    SASS barrels, any still kicking around?

    Trying to find a DPMS SASS .308 barrel for my current project. I know they were all over the place a few years ago but now i can't find a single one.
  2. grassy knoll

    SOLD LMT .308 MWS 16” SS Barrel

    A new LMT MWS .308 with 16" Stainless barrel and Radian Raptor SD charging handle. Fully ambi lower. Mlok rail. $2600 shipped. No trades. Eagle Industries soft case available for an extra 200

    Rifle Scopes need help with sass

    I have a new DPMS SASS,I mounted a Mark 4 Leupold on it with Badger ordnance USMC DMR rings.The scope is to low. will the BADGER riser rail fix my problem cant get my grape under the optic at long range.Ring height is 30MM Steel, Medium height 1.031.Badger riser isHeight .430 high.need your...

    DPMS SASS RIFLE I need a review

    I am thinking of buying this rifle.all I have found on review search is how pretty it looks.I need a review about this rifle.
  5. C

    Armalite or DPMS SASS?

    I'm planning on buying a SASS, but can't decide which one to purchase. Does anybody have either the Armalite or DPMS version, and if so, how do they perform? Quality? I noticed that the DPMS version has an 18" barrel as compared to the Armalite's 20" barrel. Does the shorter barrel give a...
  6. S

    Gunsmithing Muzzle Brake for DPMS SASS

    Could anyone suggest a good muzzle brake for a DPMS SASS 308 with a TPI count of 5/8 x 24. Mine jumps around like a long tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs when it discharges.....even off the bipod. Frankly I'm tired of it. You can't load the bipod enough to keep it down on the deck and...
  7. Tony.

    Gunsmithing Specs for the Armalite AR10 SASS barrel proflie?

    My Google-fu has let me down. Does anyone have the specs for Armalite's AR10 SASS barrel? I am looking for length, twist rate and profile specs? I plan on ordering a Bartlien AR10 blank and want to have it profile correctly.
  8. cwfletch

    Armalite Super SASS (New Generation) Question

    Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and impressed with the vast amounts of information and knowledge here so far. My question concerning the Armalite was three fold: 1) Reliability Issues 2) Actual MOA Performance (Cold Bore/168 SMK/175 SMK/etc) 3) vs DPMS SASS I am familar with the KA MK...
  9. 7mmRM

    New toy. DPMS SASS

    Scooped up this beast from a member here. First venture into a precision gas 308. Added a Magpul PRS, different grip, NF Unimount, and topped it off with a NXS 3.5-15x50 R1.
  10. B

    SASS on a budget

    I'm thinking about building a SASS like the M110 but for the 3-8k price tag it's out of my range. So what do you think is the best budget sass for the money? All thoughts welcome mike
  11. P

    Gunsmithing DD 12.0 on DPMS SASS?

    Got a possible good deal on this rail, but need to know if it will fit a DPMS SASS 308?
  12. SEPUL

    Rifle Scopes OPTIC for AR 10 SASS

    looking for a optic for my AR10 SASS i was thinking nightforce not sure on power a lot of guys tell me 3.5-15x50 i was thinking 5.5-22x50 as my vision is not so good thanks for the help
  13. Mag 300

    is Knight selling the M110 sass to the public?

    Just wondering if one of these could ever be purchased? Bill
  14. S

    Suggested load for DPMS SASS?

    I have a DPMS SASS with an 18 in. barrel. I have put almost every conceivable factory load through it and there is no question that it likes 168 gr BTHP the best. FGMM groups around 1 inch and Winchester Supreme is a close second. If I go with a lighter or heavier bullet the groups expand out...
  15. K

    KAC M110 SASS clone build ?s

    Hey guys, I'm planning to convert an older KAC SR25 into a clone KAC M110 SASS build (as much as I can). Some stuff I appreciate can't be changed, like the fact that the SASS upper has an integral brass deflector and the SR25 doesn't, different lower markings, etc. But I have managed to source...

    SASS Twins

    These are my DPMS Twins, 308 SASS that went to GA Precision for a new Bartlein 1.11 Twist Barrel and its mini twin, the DPMS Mini-SASS. The suppressor is a Gemtech HVT with Bi-Lock system for lock-up. These are my two favorite rifles. I actually bought the Mini Sass for the wife but it seems...
  17. S

    SASS .308 Question

    Besides availability what makes the DPMS and other manufacturers SASS rifles more expensive? Do they have anything unique that cannot be done on a base platform for less?
  18. S

    Gunsmithing Armalite AR-10 Super SASS gas system help?

    I recently purchased the complete adjustable gas system for my AR-10. My problem is I have all the parts stripped. The Super SASS manual doesn't describe or show an exploded drawing of the complete assembly. If anyone knows this assembly, I would greatly appreciate your help....
  19. bigjohnintexas

    ????? DPMS or Armalite SASS .308 ?????

    My buddy and I are both looking for new gas-guns. He has to buy from one person that he trades with. He can get either gun, but the dealer's distributor told my buddy's dealer that my buddy definitely did not want the DPMS SASS. He stated that the DPMS is an inferior gun to the Armalite and...