1. Endless_Soup

    Firearms WTB Left Handed Bergara or Tikka in 300 Win Mag

    Like the title says, looking for a 300 Win Mag Tikka or Bergara rifle in south paw configuration. Anyone know where to pick one up where there in stock, or current leadtimes for that matter?
  2. Shadow_Warrior

    Hunting & Fishing Anyone want to go Prarie Dog hunting in South Ks??

    Hey fellas a buddy and I have a few Pdog towns in south central Ks that we hunted last year we pretty good results. Most of our shots were from about 300-450m with a few of them stretching out to 800+. These towns are not really pressured and need to be thinned out. We used an Ar-15 (REECE) out...

    Any training in Central or South Eastern OH?

    Just looking for some beginner training in long range shooting. Everything I know is self taught and I would love to learn proper techniques. Im about an hour S E of Columbus Ohio.
  4. Bryan27

    Maggie’s South Carolina Horseman
  5. I

    Feeler, South Central Idaho, LRP Steel Match's.

    I probabley should have put this feeler out sooner but I am a busy boy. Just checking to see if there is any interest for long range precision reactive steel match's in South Central Idaho. I live in Bellevue, Idaho located 60 miles North of Twin Falls and 20 miles South of the tourist town of...
  6. Captain Moroni

    HSM south???

    I just wanted to let everyone know my new dicsovery and it may already be known here on the hide but the Dalradia building in Arco ID (lost river ballistics) now has a sign on the front that HSM South. I saw this on my way home from Challis ID today. I looked on the HSM website and they have...
  7. jmb1911

    Hunting & Fishing Feral Hog Hunting in South Texas Question

    Hello all. I've searched all over the place for an answer to my very specific question and the best I can come up with still leaves some gray area. I was hoping someone could answer my question or point me toward someone/somewhere that can. Let me quickly summarize my situation. I recently...
  8. G

    ELR in South Dakota

    Stiggy and I took a few days off last week for an ELR Prairie Dog trip. We set up about 150 feet from the valley floor on a ridge line: To find the target look across the valley, past the trees on the valley floor, up the slope. Center-left in the photo, just below the horizon, where a ridge...
  9. Switchblade

    Moving South, need reloading AO ideas

    If you have a picture of your reloading AO, post a picture of the area. I am starting from scratch, and will be building the nenches and shelves myself as funds permit. Step 1: Refinish garage floor Step 2: Insulate walls Step 3: Drywall walls and fire tape Step 4: Build Benches and shelves...
  10. nostyta

    Member Link Up South West Virginia.

    Any members around this area SWVA or even the Tri-City area?
  11. NorCal Vu

    Got Actions? South Paw Heaven!

    I finally sold all my right handed rigs to swap all my rifles over to LH. I picked the actions up yesterday. Now just waiting on stocks and barrels. 284win is a Stiller Tac 300 Action 223 AI is a Stiller Tac 30 Action 308win is a Stiller Tac 30 Action Top Secret is a Borden Alpine SA with 308...
  12. 762Fundi

    Range Report Ballistic Table for South African R1M1 147gr 7.62

    Does anyone know where I can find a ballistic table for the South African R1M1 147gr 7.62??? The last I chrono'd I believe it was at 2760 fps. Thanks
  13. miniman93

    Hunting & Fishing anybody hear live in east river south dakota

    tryin to find some good bowfishing spots. you guys know of any. lookin for carp and gar mostly
  14. jdtaylor34

    Member Link Up South Carolina

    Looking for any SC members.