1. Wheres-Waldo

    Let Talk - M2008...Calibers for Switch Barrel?

    Well, my order is in for a SA .473" bolt!!! Making its home in a McM A5 which is heading to the production line. A few questions reguarding my build and the action. First concern is if 20 MOA inclination on the optics rail will be enough, concidering that this will be a multi-caliber...
  2. kombayotch

    Gunsmithing M700 switch barrel setup?

    Looking for advice for those who have switch barrel setups with their M700s. I know there are other actions that are easier to do this with, but I've already got the rifle. I really hate waiting on builds/re-barrelings. So, next rebarrelling, I'm going to have several barrels threaded...
  3. 3

    Who has a Badger M2008 short action switch barrel?

    If anybody has a switch barrel setup on this action how do you like it and how well is it working for you? Thanks in advance.
  4. S

    Gunsmithing switch barrel question recoil lug??

    Does the recoil lug HAVE to be pinned in order to have a switch barrel rifle? If so why? Thanks, Lee
  5. JLM

    Pressure changes with primer switch?

    Generally how much of a difference can/will you see in pressure simply from switching a primer? Why am I asking this? I had a load in .308 LC Match brass that exhibited no visable pressure signs. Then I switched from BR2's to FED210's. Massive sticky bolt and an incipient head seperation...
  6. 19818119

    Surgeon Switch Barrel

    Gents, Are any of you running switch barrel setups on your surgeon (or other) actions? Which calibers are being used and what is involved in the barrel changing process? I have a surgeon build underway and I'm wondering if the switch option is worth exploring. Thanks in advance, Rath
  7. Longrange****

    6BR/? switch barrel project

    Finally got enough parts to put the first barrel on!! -Stiller Tac-30 -McMillan McHale stock -Brux Barrel 30" finish...Broken Flutes...7.5 twist -Rifle Basix LV-1 Trigger -CDI bottom metal -Harris Bipod 6-9" Swivel -Stiller 20MOA Base -Millet 6-25 LRS (Not Pictured) Im stoked as hell!! This...
  8. T

    Gunsmithing Rem 700 Switch Barrel Rifle

    What's involved in making a switch barrel rifle out of Remington 700? I’ve been doing some research on the web and the best I can tell is you pin the recoil lug in place and use a barrel vice and action wrench to unscrew the action from one barrel and screw it onto another. And then check the...
  9. deersniper

    Rifle Scopes Why did NF switch mag. direction on the 2.5-10s?

    I have a 3.5-15x50mm and 5.5-22x56. I recently bought a new 2.5-10x32 compact and the magnification driection is reversed. Instead of turning clockwise like the 3.5 and 5.5, the 2.5 you turn counter clockwise to increase magnificaton. Also, after a while I liked how the whole ocular bell...
  10. Smokin

    Gunsmithing Switch Barrel Questions

    Wondering if its worth it before I commit to it. Do you have to remove the scope each time you switch the barrel? Can you switch the barrel often or will this cause damage to the threads? Do you put anti-seize on the threads? Do/can the receiver and barrel need to have indexing marks? Will the...
  11. Smokin

    Gunsmithing Barrel Vise for Switch barrels?

    Having a switch barrel made for my Surgeon Action. What kind of vise and action wrench should I buy? How do I keep the vise from marring the cerakote on the barrel?
  12. S

    How to Switch 10FP 308 to 300 WSM

    What would a person need to do in order to change to a 300 WSM? Change the barrel and anything else?
  13. K

    Gunsmithing switch barrel bolt guns.?

    Hi, I was thinking of making my existing bolt gun a switch barrel . I would need a barrel vise and internal action wrench, and of course barrels. I do not have any experince with these. From what I was told you clamp the barrel in the vise and then use the internal action to remove the...
  14. J

    My first Remington switch barrel rifle

    OK, I will admit that I am a big Savage fan. So, after buying my first 700 (SPS Varmint in 243), I started thinking about how depressing it was that I couldn't swap barrels. So, I ordered a 260 Remington barrel and also bought a Pac-Nor barrel nut. After a !@#$%^ of a time getting the stock...