1. Near miss

    MR223 Review

    So I have aquired HK MR223 as my first CF rifle. Thanks for helping me with gun and ammo questions and all the other threads that I have just browsed through looking for information. The gun's uses will be reservist shooting competitions and target shooting / plinking out as far I can find...
  2. doctordoctor

    Sorry Another OCW results question 4064 175's

    Hey guys where would you pick up for step 2 of testing? I am also tempted to maybe try to see if there is a higher node above 45 as I had no pressure signs...yet. As always THANK YOU!!! I think I find a node 42.5 to 43.5 maybe up to 44grains if it wasn't for that darm flinch shot which I...
  3. doctordoctor

    OCW Test: About to embark on my own 308 adventure

    So I have decided to work up some loads for my Rem. 700 XCR long Range Tactical .308, 26” bbl, 1:12”. My OAL for this particular rifle is (using a comparator) 2.360” The previous load I developed and have been using is 175 SMK’s in Winchester or FGMM brass loaded with 44.7 gr. Varget CCI BR2...
  4. F

    Savage MKII & Ammo Test

    I'd heard such great things about the Savage MKII online, that I bought one about a year ago. I was disappointed in the performance. I was shooting up a brick of old "plinking" ammo I had...and I knew it wouldn't be pin point accurate with it...but was still expecting a LOT more from her...
  5. flagg888


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  6. B


    crap sorry, trying to post pics of new AR.
  7. Casey Simpson

    RL17 6.5x47L 1st test close range.

    Test Reloader17, 6.5x47L, 120grbullet, CCI#41primer, 92F, 200yds Wind was @5 mph from 5 to 7 o'clock. Mirage increasingly heavy. .0025 neck tension .0010 jump 3.101 oal hex comparator, sinclair no sizer button full length sized 26" 1/8" twist Kreiger AI/AE action 41.3 .5MOA 3072 fpsmv av ES...
  8. GardDog

    Maggie’s Test your reaction time

    Bullet Time
  9. lowlight

    Photos Test Image "Hide Fighter" from Steve Woods

    Just testing the gallery Knife and image from Steve Woods.
  10. K

    Rifle Scopes USO > Simmons > rock (USO torture test)

    You always hear people say "I could hammer nails with my USO", but the reality seems to be that all optics are a little tougher than we think. Well, this one goes out to all the people too afraid to hit a new USO on a phonebook to knock a little dust off their reticle. (Brought to you by...
  11. wjwill

    Aguila Super Colibri Penetration test.

    It all started when I was in the shout box asking for advise on shooting feral cats in the backyard. Chuff, JLM, and Salmonaxe told me the quietest 22lr ammo is the Super Colibri. So I ordered 500 rounds of it and decided to do a penetration test with it. The round has no powder at all and fires...
  12. JoeMartin

    200 Yd - 6x7, 5x6, & 4x5 Gong Test

    Before this morning the smallest gong I had shot at 200 yards was my 6x8 inch one. It had gotten to the point where it was almost automatic to hit the thing and since I'm always open to new shooting challenges I decided to try three samller gongs (15 shots at each one - though I did use the 6x7...
  13. L

    ladder test question

    I'm planing on loading up some 69 grain matchkinds for my .223 savage modle 10. I have never done any load testing besides just diffrent powders. Should I clean the barrel after each test before I go up to the next 1/2 grain charge?
  14. shankster..


  15. Mag 300

    explain Ladder test?

    First Yes did the search for ladder test best was the 300 wm with the 208 amax. what is the purpose of the test shooting one bullet? they will string all over . could you explaing the test and how they determine a good round? I am looking for test criteria maybe the ladder test is it ? Thanks Bill
  16. M

    208 A-MAX 300ultra test, new video,

    Well i have been wondering about the 208 A-MAX & retumbo for the 300RUM since i heard hornady came out with the 208, but haven't heard much about them for the RUM nor could i find any data for this combo, and ive asked everywhere to no avail, so i finally bit the bullet so to speak, and ordered...
  17. Wheres-Waldo

    The Ultimate Ladder Test. 300WM - H1000/208 A-Max

    I just finished doing a full range ladder test on the entire range of powder charges recommended for my 300WM with H-1000 in conjunction with the 208 gr. A-Max. What perplexed me to do this was the lack of information specific to the 208 A-Max and H1000. My manuals dont list 210 gr. bullets...
  18. Hateca

    Range Report 18" barrel and chrono numbers *Final test*

    Here is an update from this post http://www.snipershide.com/forum/ubbthre...497#Post1170497 Went to the range today to get chrono numbers out of the 18” barrel. I used only factory ammo, Federal 168 match, and BH 175 match. I didn’t really set out to shoot groups, set out just get numbers so...
  19. Hateca

    New test rifle, *update with chrono numbers*

    What you’re looking at is a test bed rifle that has been in the works for a little while. This is the first one to be built to see how it would function. The main reason for the test was to see if AI AW double stack mags would work reliable with a custom ordered action with no changes to the...
  20. 1

    Swap Chassis Test

    We had fun with this one, figured it worth sharing. 1) rem factory issue M24, verify 100 yrd zero. Bang steel at 600, verify. 2) move same barrel'd action to our M24 long action chassis. 3) confirm 100 yd zero, less that 1 MOA shift right. Correct and verify. 4) engauge same steel at...