1. Surgeon_Shooter

    Suppressors Form 4 wait time

    How long is the wait time on a form 4 to date? Post how long you have been waiting or how long you recently waited before it was completed and sighned. JAY
  2. I

    300 5r wait?

    Do any of you know if they make these seasonally or what? I cant decide whether I should gunbroker one for 100 more or order one locally from impact but I have no idea how long the wait is. Do any of you know?
  3. mike1128

    Suppressors Well here it is, now the wait time begins

    Really impressed with the finish, just can't wait to see how it does.
  4. K

    Rifle Scopes wait time from Leup custom shop?

    how long from order to delivery does it take to get a scope from the custom shop?
  5. Sumpter Steve

    After a 6 month wait...

    I finally got my FORM 4 approved. I have taken her out to 800 yards where she easily keeps under 1 MOA. So far my best 5-shot group from 800 measured 4 7/8". Not bad for a 20" barrel. Built by American Precision Arms REM 700 LTR Leupy MKIV 4.5-14(TMR) AICS 1.5 Chassis SRT Shadow suppressor...
  6. S

    Suppressors Suppressor Wait Time

    My $200.00 NFA check was cashed on April 27, 2009. Anyone have any idea how long after that it will take for my paperwork to be in and ready? My can is ready to go, so all I'm waiting for is the ATF to step on it, so to say...
  7. sniper307

    Rifle Scopes why did i wait so long?

    just mounted up my new Nightforce 5.5 x 22 x 50 MLR, Zero stop, MIlradian knob scope. this thing is sweet. i was nervous about the MIL/MIL but after just a few seconds, i settled down . it actually only took two shots to sight it in. first one was on paper, i then checked the MILS, made the...
  8. deersniper

    GAP wait time?

    Anyone know what the current wait is? I ordered a barreled action about 3 weeks ago. Was quoted a little less than 4-6 weeks. Waiting is the worst part. -dan
  9. B

    Rifle Scopes Frustrated with wait time on USO!!

    Ordered my first USO scope on Dec 15th. I was told that it would be only about 8 wks to build - no problem. It's just now 12 wks and I still have no scope. Emailed Jeff Fertal back on Feb 25th and was told scope would be ready in about a week, see attached email: Hello Jeff, Your scope...
  10. K

    Photos A few months wait is worth it

    Started my 10 day wait period last monday (california sucks) and just picked this up today. After shooting with a Savage Mark 2 22lr for half a year, I finally told myself I was ready for a 308. Picked it up used as a "pass along" rifle for people just starting out in long range. Savage...
  11. A

    Rifle Scopes USO wait time

    I made phone order on an ST-10 on Jan 14, mailed in my deposit. The official order submission dat was Jan 20th when my deposit was recieved... I was quoted 8-10 weeks. I called Becky around Valentines day asking what my approximate lead time was and to see if she needed a date and I got...
  12. tim68

    Suppressors Trust wait time

    For those of you who did the trust route for a suppressor, what was your wait time? I'm going on four weeks and was just curious. Waiting patiently for my SWR Omega 30, and my AAC M4-1000-08